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Top Reasons To drink Himalayan Salt And Lemon Water – Recipe And Tips For Better Health!!

by Betty Gabriel
Himalayan Salt and Lemon

Do you feel doomed by fatigue and lack of energy when you open your eyes in the morning? Are you upset about disturbed sleep that keeps you drooping all day long? Are you struggling to discipline your life and set your body for success?

How would you feel if you are provided with an amazing concoction that gets you covered with all your worries? The Himalayan salt and lemon water are the solution for you. Here we will discuss the top reasons to drink lemon water with Himalayan pink salt. But before that find out how you can make this Himalayan salt and lemon water.

DIY pink Himalayan salt and lemon water recipe:


  1. Pure water                      12 oz
  2. Lemon juice                     ½ lemon
  3. Himalayan salt                ¼ tsp


  1. Take a jar with a plastic lid
  2. Fill the jar with pure water and add Himalayan salt to it, replace the lid and shake well
  3. Squeeze in the juice of half a lemon and mix.

Benefits of Taking Himalayan Salt Water in the Morning:

Make a ritual of having an intake of Himalayan pink salt water in the morning and you will be amazed to experience the mind-boggling results this simple drink will bring to your physical and mental health. Yes, all those myths about saltwater drinks are true! It surely has magical properties and various health benefits.

Lemon is also added to this drink and it adds to the nutritional value of it. But why is it important to take this drink in the morning? Let us now focus on this aspect. It is usually said that timing is everything! And yes, that’s absolutely true! The intake of this highly effective drink will prove to be beneficial throughout the day, of course.

But a Himalayan salt water drink will show the best results in the morning only. Why is that so? Let us have a look!

Research tells us that drinking twelve ounces of this drink in the morning keeps us hydrated throughout the day and keeps our energy level up to the mark as well. So, instead of taking those harmful energy drinks, you must switch to a regular intake of Himalayan salt and lemon water. Lemon is used in many home-made recipes that treat bacterial problems and it is also used as a refreshing agent. 

When mixed with Himalayan salt, it helps in boosting the energy level of the body and treats various gastrointestinal properties as well. The ingestion of lemon salt and Himalayan water first thing in the day yields extraordinary results and helps keep the digestive and immune system of the body efficient and right on track. Incorporate this amazing and healthy drink in your daily morning routine, and benefit from its various effective health benefits.

Himalayan pink salt electrolyte drink:  

If you’ve got a cold or are infected with the flu or you just feel dehydrated, Himalayan salt water in the morning can do wonders for you. Although there are electrolyte drinks out there in the market, they contain chemicals, artificial flavors, and refined sugars which are not good for your health. Whereas this homemade electrolyte drink is easy to make and free of any artificial ingredients such as artificial colors and flavors. It is an energy drink without any negative effects!

Himalayan Pink Salt in this concoction is a combination of 84 essential minerals and electrolytes. It replenishes the body in a way that plain water alone cannot achieve. Lemon provides vitamin C which detoxifies the liver as well as offers antiseptic properties for the body.

This energy drink is natural and free of any artificial chemicals that have a negative effect on your body. This drink is wonderful to restock your body with minerals. This is also recommended by doctors in conditions like diarrhea or vomiting for you and your kids.

The amazing thing about this recipe is that it will help you achieve electrolyte balance and make you feel hydrated just after the first drink. In addition, it serves as an excellent sports drink for electrolyte replacement for adults and kids alike.

Lemon water with salt for weight loss:

Lemon water and salt mixture are low in calories. It not only helps to keep you hydrated but also boosts your metabolic rate thereby, aiding in your digestion. It also helps you feel fuller and keeps your craving for unhealthy snacks at bay.

Research shows that staying hydrated helps the body to increase its metabolism hence, enhancing fat breakdown. It also reduces the retention of water in the body. Thus, if lemon water with salt is religiously consumed as a morning ritual then it will enhance weight loss.

As per the nutritional value, lemon water with Himalayan salt contains a very low amount of cholesterol and saturated fat. Although it’s a rich source of vitamin C, potassium, and folic acid, it has a very low caloric value, which is as low as 6. Thus, if you replace high-calorie beverages like juices and soda with lemon water and salt drink, it will serve as a very good alternative and an excellent way to cut out some extra calories.

Although lemon water with salt is low in calories, it promotes fullness and enhances satiety. According to studies, drinking half a liter of water before breakfast reduces calorie intake by almost 13%. Research has also shown that drinking water alongside meals reduces hunger and makes you feel more satiated. Water being the major component of this low-calorie beverage produces the aforementioned results, and hence has a remarkable effect on weight loss.

Lemon and Himalayan salt water for migraines:

All headaches are troublesome but migraines are among the most debilitating ones that have a devastating effect on your performance. Migraine makes it impossible for you to focus on your day-to-day chores.

Migraine is not only a headache but it is a myriad of other symptoms as well including nausea, vertigo, hazy vision, and sensitivity to light and sound. This makes it even worse than a typical headache.

Although people try self-medication with almost every over-the-counter pain-relieving drug for migraines, it doesn’t give them relief. That’s because the effective treatment of migraine is not these painkillers but a separate group of drugs called Triptans.

On the one hand, taking regular painkillers is not effective for the treatment of migraine on the other long run, the use of Triptans is itself unsafe. Thus, it’s a blessing to have Himalayan salt with lemon water as a natural remedy that works marvelously well to alleviate the symptoms of migraine drastically.

Lemon juice and Himalayan salt recipe for migraine:

Take two teaspoons of Himalayan pink salt and add it to a glass of water. Then take one whole lemon and prepare its juice along with the peel and add it to the salt and water mixture. Drink a few more glasses of pure water thereafter to get rid of the bitter taste and to keep yourself well hydrated. Wait for your migraine to disappear.

Himalayan salt provides the minerals and nutrients required for electrolyte balance. Also, it provides energy, elevates mood, and improves immunity. Juice of unpeeled lemon is rich in flavonoids and essential oils which boost the absorption of nutrients. Also, it is a good source of vitamin C and acts as a detoxifying agent for the liver.

How much Himalayan salt in the water to drink:

According to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, you should eat less than 2300 mg of sodium in a day. This is equivalent to one teaspoon of table salt and about one and a half teaspoon of Himalayan salt. In other words, one teaspoon of table salt contains 2300 mg of sodium while one teaspoon of Himalayan salt contains 1700 mg of sodium as its crystals are bigger in size. Salt contains 40% sodium. So you can roughly calculate the amount of sodium intake in a day with the amount of salt you are consuming.

For people with high blood pressure, it is recommended that they limit their sodium intake to 1500 mg per day. You should consult your doctor or a dietician if you have conditions like high blood pressure before committing to Himalayan salt and lemon water concoction for daily use.

 Other reasons to drink lemon water with Himalayan pink salt are:

  1. Ease muscle cramps
  2. Improves adrenal and thyroid function
  3. Reinforces bones and teeth
  4. Improves skin health
  5. Improves heart and cardiovascular condition
  6. Reduces uric acid levels to prevent kidney stones and arthritis
  7. Alleviates allergies
  8. Destroys bacteria
  9. Balances hormones to improve sexual health
  10. Reduces inflammation
  11. Stabilizes blood sugar levels

Consuming Lemon water with Himalayan pink salt regularly is a great idea as it will boost your energy levels and help you feel rejuvenated inside out. It will enable you to achieve improved sleep so that you can feel lively and fresh all day long. Adopting this morning ritual as a regular habit, will not only give you an athletic performance but also supply you with long-lasting energy.



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