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Himalayan Pink Salt Products Gift Ideas

by Betty Gabriel

Giving and receiving gifts makes the bond we share with family and friends more strong and increase the love among each other. Choosing gifts for family or friends can be a daunting task as everyone has different personalities and likes. The real challenge is to find a gift that is not just a showpiece but useful as well. Gifts should be usable in daily life so that the receiver can enjoy them more.

Unique and considerate gifts are out there, you just need to look for them. In this article, we will be sharing with you some of the unique and amazing gift options that are all made with natural and pure Himalayan salt.

You must be thinking about how a mere salt can be a gift. Well, Himalayan pink salt is more than a simple salt that is used for seasoning meals. It is so versatile and used to make various beneficial products in the cooking, skincare, and presentation category. The below-mentioned products can be great gift options for every member of family and friends.

Rejuvenating Bath Salt

Who does not like a warm rejuvenating bath at the end of a busy and tiring day? Then why not give such a gift to your female or even male family members and friends that would make their bathing experience luxurious and relaxing. Himalayan bath salt is one of the best bathing products that you can give to anyone. Specially get all the girls in the family a gift of skin and body nourishment.

You can either give Himalayan pink bath salt crystals or add some more beneficial ingredients to this and make it more effective. The DIY detoxifying bath salts are very easy to prepare and make lovely gifts for your loved ones. You can make customized bath salts using very simple and easily available ingredients at home.

Here is a quick recipe: Mix 1 cup fine Himalayan pink salt, few drops of essential oil, few drops of lemon juice, and some dried flower petals and put in a glass or Mason jar. Wrapping a colorful ribbon around the jar makes it a complete gift.

A warm bath infused with essential minerals and nutrients is the right gift choice for health and wellness. It is invigorating and eases the muscles and senses, and helps get better sleep.

Glowing Salt Lamps

Give your loved ones a natural décor item– the Himalayan Salt Lamps. These salt lamps are a great gift choice for any occasion. These lamps can be placed anywhere in the home or office, available in different gorgeous shapes and sizes. Their pretty pink color and warm glow can enhance the décor of any place. These lamps make such great gift items that anyone would love to have.

A cute engraving idea is to give a small USB salt lamp to your friends or colleagues which they can easily carry anywhere with them. It comes with a USB that can be attached to a laptop or PC to enjoy the glow and calmness anywhere anytime.

Their immense benefits for health make them an extra special gift for someone facing health problems. These lamps can lift the mood and give a serene atmosphere. These lamps exude a warm orangey glow that makes the surroundings so peaceful. After experiencing its therapeutic benefits, the receiver of this lamp will surely thank you more lately.

All-Natural Candle Holders

Just like salt lamps, these thoughtfully crafted candle holders with unique designs make an amazing gift option. Instead of a regular candle holder, gift the hand-carved Himalayan salt candle holder also known as a salt votive to your family or friends. When you place candles in these holders and light them, the glow of the candles makes the candle holder shine.

These holders are made with pink salt so they can enhance the overall atmosphere and give a calming effect. These candleholders are available in different shapes and can be placed anywhere on shelves or dining tables. You can choose a set of same or different shaped candle holders for gifting.

Grilling and Serving Salt Blocks

If anyone in your family or friend circle loves cooking and inventing new dishes, then Himalayan salt blocks for cooking and grilling are the right gift choices.

This nice-looking salt block can be used for outdoor cooking and grilling meat and vegetables without the fuss of working over a stove. It makes one of the best gifts for those who like BBQ and grilling outdoors. They can even use this salt block for serving hot and cold food to make it more presentable.

Himalayan Salt Mortar and Pestle

Another gift for food lovers is this unique kitchen tool. Those who enjoy cooking would love to have this all-natural mortar and pestle in their kitchens. Just like ordinary mortar and pestle, this pink-colored Himalayan salt mortar and pestle can be used to crush fresh herbs and spices and make chutneys, sauces, or marinades. The receiver will thank you for making their cooking experience more fun and interesting.

Gorgeous Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses

This oh-so-pretty and handcrafted set of Himalayan salt shot glasses can be a great gift for those who always host parties. They will definitely like this unique gift and enjoy drinking cocktails and other drinks in it.

Customized Gift Basket

You can even make a gift basket with a USB salt lamp, a jar of Himalayan salt scrub, a small pouch of bath salt with essential oil, and a small candle holder to make a wholesome gift for all the family members. You can never go wrong with a gift basket as it contains different items that can suit every individual’s needs.

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