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Hacking Bacterial Infections of The Throat and Nose with Himalayan Salt Gargle

by Betty Gabriel
Himalayan salt gargle

Waking up with that tickling and raw feeling in your throat is definitely not pleasant. It gives you that first sign of the flu or a sore throat coming your way. If you don’t tend to that carefully and soon enough, then you are definitely stepping on a two to three weeks journey of cough, flu and the pain and irritation that comes with it. But all of us would love to avoid that. Don’t we?

Before rushing to the doctor for prescription and medicine, there is one thing which you must try and that is a Himalayan salt gargle. A salt gargle? Now, you must be thinking that I am crazy, after all, who does that in this world? Why resort to the old traditional means of our ancestors when we have such modern knowledge in our hands. What I am telling you is not completely out-dated and people still do it before they move onto strong antibiotics and other medicine.

Flu or a cough is something which is better to treat at home first, and for this, you must try a pink Himalayan salt gargle. Saltwater gargle is not just a Grandma’s tale, but it is scientifically backed up as well. Saltwater gargle for sore throat really has lots of medical benefits as it develops an osmosis effect and relieves the pain and inflammation of throat tissues. Himalayan salt sinus rinse also deals with mucus and allergens present in the throat and removes them to get rid of sore throat and cough.

Salt Water Gargle Benefits:

Saltwater gargle benefits are unlimited and we will now have a look at them one by one. Saltwater gargle is a go-to remedy whenever you are having nasal, sinus, respiratory and mouth bacterial infections. Let us list the benefits of saltwater gargle and discuss them in detail now.

1- Helps to Gets Rid of Bacterial Infections of the Mouth:

Saltwater or sole mouth rinse benefits are quite diverse and one of them is that it prevents bacterial infections in the mouth and helps to get rid of them as well. The acids that are formed due to the invasion of bacteria in the mouth are neutralized by saltwater which consequently balances the pH level of the mouth.

Among various Himalayan salt mouth rinse benefits, one is the prevention and removal of fungal infections in the mouth. Pink salt gargle guards against those infections as fungus and bacteria like to have an acidic home and not a clean and fresh one. Saltwater gargle for gums keeps the gums healthy and prevents bleeding of gums and relieves pain as well. If you are also having bacterial problems with your teeth, then a thorough saltwater gargle for teeth will cater to those problems as well quite effectively.

2- Helps Treat Nasal Problems:

Nasal blocking due to mucus and inflammation can affect breathing and is quite irritating as well. People normally face this problem when they have flu or chest congestion. It gives severe headaches and muscular pain as well. A Himalayan salt nasal rinse can help get rid of this problem and break thick mucus as well.

3- Helps Deal with Respiratory Infections:

It is a scientifically proven fact that Himalayan salt sinus rinse strongly alleviates the respiratory and especially the bronchial system. According to a study in Japan, gargling with salt water can develop a person’s ability to fight infections of the respiratory system by forty percent. To further back this notion, an experiment was conducted by the Mayo Clinic in  2005 where two groups of people were observed.

One group was asked to do saltwater gargle approximately three times a day and the other group was to stay as it is and do nothing. Tests were conducted after two months when the flu season was at its peak. When the results of the tests came out, they clearly stated that the group of people who used to do saltwater gargle three times a day had faced relatively fewer respiratory infections than those people who did not use to gargle. Also, the respiratory systems of people doing saltwater gargle developed the ability to fight with infectious bacteria.

An Effective Salt Water Gargle Recipe:

If you are looking for a saltwater gargle recipe, then here is one that is known to be very effective and authentic. All you have to do is take a quarter tsp of Himalayan rock salt and mix it in a cup of water. Make sure that the water is slightly warm. Mix until the salt is completely dissolved in water. Also, keep the water slightly warm and not hot, otherwise the water will cause a burn in your mouth. Use water that is pure to avoid further irritation in your throat and avoid tap water. In case, you want some taste, you can add a little amount of garlic, peppermint, or honey in the water while preparation.

How to Use Salt Water for Gargling:

Gargling with salt water is not rocket science and everybody can do it pretty easily. Hold the cup having salt water in it in your hands and take a large sip out of it. Once you have done that, tilt your head back so water can reach your throat. Then gargle for almost thirty seconds and swish salt water around your mouth so it can reach your gums and teeth as well. Spit it out and repeat the process as one time won’t suffice at all.

Continue gargling with salt water until it is finished. If you have a really bad throat, then you can perform this process every four hours. But even if after three days of the same routine, you still have a very angry and sore throat, then you must go to a doctor, seek his help and get yourself some antibiotics. A saltwater gargle is easy to prepare at home and is known to be very effective for oral health. 


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