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Best Himalayan Salt Lamps to Buy in 2019

by Betty Gabriel
Best Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan Salt Lamp – a health product, a decoration piece, or a masterpiece of art? What is it? Actually, it is all of the afore-mentioned things and provides various health and home decor benefits that you could possibly ask for. This is why they are quite in demand nowadays and the trend of keeping them is increasing day by day. Wondering which are the best Himalayan salt lamps? Best or not, one thing is common in all types of Himalayan salt lamps and that is their main ingredient which is clear to guess with its name only, the Himalayan salt.

These pink crystals are mined from the famous salt mines and are known to have a wide range of benefits especially health-related. The lamp is constructed by placing a small bulb inside a solid formation of pink Himalayan crystals which spreads an ethereal, soft glow when the bulb is turned on along with the infusion of peaceful vibes in the atmosphere around it. So, are you looking to buy this amazing piece of art that is known to have magical properties? If yes, then look no further, as we will be sharing with you some top-notch tips and best Himalayan salt lamps that you can easily buy from anywhere.

We all know that a wide variety of these products are available in stores all over the world. Every seller marking his salt lamps to be the top salt lamps to buy. Each one of them featuring a wide range of amazing properties and surpassing the other one in terms of design and usability, with such a vast variety at hand, how can we actually determine which salt lamps are top-rated, which is the best brand of Himalayan salt lamp, and which ones are average or below-average? 

It is easier to choose between a good salt lamp and a bad one. But how to choose from two options which are both amongst the best Himalayan salt lamps or at least look best considering their construction and design?

Now, that’s a dilemma in which many people find themselves stuck while they are out in the market buying salt lamps or when making a purchase online. This is why, in this article we will share with you top-rated eight best Himalayan salt lamps, short-listed by us after a good amount of research and use, of course. These lamps feature the best properties along with a wide range of health and other benefits as well. Let us cast a glance at these super-amazing lamps so you can make the best purchase for yourself.

Hand Carved Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp By Amethya

The Natural Himalayan Salt lamp is one of the top salt lamps to buy, features a strong wood base and the bulb is enclosed within a large pink Himalayan crystal. This helps purify the room and uplift the mood of the people sitting in it. The wooden base makes it really easy for the user to carry the lamp and place it on an even surface smoothly. 

One other benefit of the wooden base is that it protects your furniture from unwanted scratches which the otherwise rocky bottom of the salt lamp may have inflicted. When placed in lounge, or room, it gives a warm and cozy look and when sitting beside it, the warm amber light resembles closely to that of a campfire.

Eminent Features:

Here are some of the key features and benefits of this rock salt lamp:

Cleansing the Air:

One of the top benefits of the Himalayan salt lamp is that it cleanses and purifies the atmosphere around it. The Himalayan salt has the ability to purify the air around it from cigarette smoke, dust particles, pollen, and other harmful substances. This one simply absorbs the molecules of water that are present in the atmosphere along with the particles that are present in those molecules. 

The salt absorbs it all and therefore purifies the air from such particles. As the bulb keeps on getting warm due to being turned on, the water particles evaporate and leave behind all the particles that they were carrying i.e. dust, smoke, etc. The mechanism is quite simple yet very effective.

Helps in Sleeping:

Did you ever think that a salt lamp could help you sleep better? Well, buckle up yourself for a surprise as this one really helps in getting a sound and peaceful sleep. The positive ions present in our environment disrupt sleep, therefore, the negative ions present in rock salt crystals normalize those irregular sleep patterns. The Himalayan salt crystals give off negative ions into the environment, thereby helping in improving the sleeping patterns of people.


  • Perfectly carved out from Neem Wood and pure Himalayan Crystal salt.
  • Serves as an air cleaner when turned on through the process of Hygroscopy as it absorbs the positive ions present in the atmosphere around it and gives out negative ions, thereby cleansing the ambiance thoroughly.
  • An ideal piece of equipment to reduce the symptoms of seasonal allergies and asthma in people suffering from it.
  • Excellent for reducing the effects of cigarette smoke, dust, and other such substances from the air surrounding it.
  • Known to have soothing and relaxing effects partially because of the soft amber glow it produces. 


  • This Himalayan Salt Lamp is not good for pets as it is made up of salt and an excess amount of salt may prove to be hazardous to pets if they ingest it. So you need to place these lamps out of reach of pets.
  • This lamp is heavy in weight and if it is placed in a wet place or in an area of high humidity, it starts to weep.

Levoit Kana Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt Lamp

If you are looking for a beautiful and unique lamp to place in your living room, well then here is one of the best Himalayan salt lamps according to top-rated salt lamp reviews. If you want to buy a lamp, then why not buy something that’s unique and somewhat different as well from the usual lamps. 

The uniqueness of this lamp lies in the fact that it is made up of the natural Himalayan rock salt crystals and helps relax the people around it as well, due to its composition elements. Are you wondering how it is different from other salt lamps? The beautiful and aesthetic design of this salt lamp differentiates it from other rock salt lamps. It features a rubberwood base and gives off a beautiful amber glow when turned on.

Eminent Features:

A Wooden and Polished Base:

The base of this beautiful salt lamp is designed in Kana style and is polished to a perfect sheen made with a combination of rubber and wood. The strong wooden base helps in maximizing the stability of the lamp and its durability makes it last longer.

Aesthetically Designed:

Levoit is the best brand of Himalayan salt lamp and offers lamps featuring mesmerizing designs. This one is simple yet it is elegant and is beautifully constructed. There is a 6.6 ft cord that connects to a dimmer switch, allowing you to switch the lamp on and off. The unique feature of this lamp is that you can adjust the brightness easily by tapping the dimmer switch.

Hand Carved and Carefully Mined:

The Levoit Kana Himalayan salt is one of Levoit’s best Himalayan salt lamps. One of its key features includes its natural and pure nature as the beneficial salt crystals used in the construction of this lamp are carefully mined straight from Himalayan Mountains, Pakistan and helps people around it meditate and relax properly.


  • The best thing about it is that there is nothing artificial in it and all the materials used in making this lamp are 100% natural.

  • One of the best things about Levoit lamps is that they are CE, FCC and ETL certified and are made by following the highest quality standards, hence reducing the chance of any safety hazard. This rock salt lamp is 100% safe to use and gives a peaceful aura to your space.

  • Another good thing about this top-rated rock salt lamp is that it comes with two extra bulbs that come in handy when the first one is fused.


  • Levoit may be best but it is also an overpriced Himalayan salt lamp brand, therefore not affordable for everyone.

Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp by Crystal Decor

All of us love the peace and serenity of mountains and hilly areas mostly because it’s so fresh and refreshing out there. What if you could get that bliss right in your home? The Natural Himalayan Pink Salt lamp by Crystal Decor helps you achieve that level of freshness and calm that is only present in hilly areas.

It has a total size of six inches and is known to have amazing soothing effects on the people around it. Moreover, Crystal Decor, being the best brand of Himalayan salt lamps provides brand warranty to its users as well as money-back guarantee up to 90 days in case something goes awry.

Eminent Features:

Natural Lighting:

One of the key features of this super-best pink Himalayan salt lamp is that the light it emits looks totally pure and is very soothing and calming.

Unique Design:

The pink Himalayan salt crystals are formed together to construct this salt lamp where they sit atop a base made up of shiny and well-polished wood.


  • The negative ions produced by them are effective for the removal of dust particles and other harmful substances from the environment.
  • The light produced by these lamps look quite natural and is very soothing as well. 


  • The unique nature of this lamp makes each piece different from the other which may result in the production of different characteristics per different lamps.

Magic Salt Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamps

This Rock salt lamp by Magic Salt gives your home a calm and relaxed ambiance, along with giving off soothing and relaxing vibes which greatly help in enhancing and uplifting the mood of the people living in the house. The lamp, when turned on gives off an amber soft glow which makes your room or lounge more beautiful and serene than ever.

Eminent Features:

Wooden Base:

This rock salt lamp features a wooden base and is heavy as well which gives it a stable base and prevents it from being knocked down by a pet.

Halogen Lamp:

Being a halogen lamp, it gives off a warm glow which gives serenity and comfort to the people around.

Cleanses the Air:

It also acts as an air cleaner and purifier by converting positive ions into negative ones.


  • Being a top-rated rock salt lamp, it provides a wide range of health benefits to its users and is known to help with nasal and sinus problems i.e. seasonal disorders, asthma, etc.

  • Crafted from 100% original rock salt, this super-best pink Himalayan salt lamp uses salt crystals that are mined from the foothill of the renowned Himalayan Mountains.

  • This lamp has great value for money and provide amazing features in a cheap price.



  • This salt lamp has a short fuse and is not 100% secure, therefore, there are more chances of the bulbs being blown up.

Original Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt by Needs and Gifts

The Original Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt lamp is a lightweight yet a top-notch salt lamp and is one of the top salt lamps to buy. The crystals used in the construction of this lamp come directly from the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains. Featuring a prime quality, this salt lamp has many excellent salt lamp reviews. 

Eminent Features:


Being a natural piece of rock salt, it features a highly pleasing and comforting aura. The lamp has a weight of about 2-3 kilograms and a height of 17-21 centimeters.

Admirable Design:

This salt lamp features an aesthetically pleasing and admirable design and looks like a masterpiece placed in the lounge or living area.


The color of this piece of art ranges from pale pink to dark pink and sometimes orangey-red as well which produces a beautiful and warm glow when the lamp is turned on.


  • The discharge of negative ions from the lamp is very beneficial for boosting blood flow along with improving sleep patterns, relieving allergic symptoms, and seasonal nasal and sinus disorders.

  • The ions that are released from this rock salt lamp neutralize the electromagnetic radiation that is present in the atmosphere around it mainly due to household electronic appliances.

  • One of the best things about this lamp is that it comes with an authentic and complete electric cable and a bulb as well.


  •  One of the main disadvantages of this salt lamp is that it starts leaking water when placed in humid areas for a long period of time.

  • The bulbs are capable of exploding if they are not placed correctly inside the lamp.

The Body Source Himalayan Salt Lamp

The Body Source Himalayan rock salt lamp is all-natural and is perfectly handcrafted featuring an aesthetically pleasing look. This rock salt lamp can be used for multiple purposes. For example, you can use it for home decor as it serves as an amazing decoration piece for your home especially your living room. 

The calming and soothing effects it produces give a positive aura to your place. Other than this, it can also be used as a gift to be given to your loved ones on any occasion, let it be Christmas, Birthday or a Wedding.

Eminent Features:

Properly Assembled:

Being the best brand of Himalayan salt lamp, the Body Source Himalayan salt lamp is delivered fully assembled and saves the users from the stress of assembling it afterward.

Therapeutic Properties:

Yes, you have read right! This best Himalayan pink salt lamp has therapeutic health benefits. It also purifies and refreshes the air around it from pollutants and toxic substances.


  • One of the key benefits of this top-rated salt lamp is that it features adjustable brightness because it has a dimmable switch integrated with it. This switch helps in adjusting the amber glow this lamp produces and is effective to be used during the day and night.

  • It can be turned on and left like this during the night as its light is bright enough because of the adjustable brightness feature.


  • It has a natural tendency to sweat which can destroy the furniture by putting stains on it.

Stallion Himalayan Salt Lamp

If you are looking to upgrade your living room furniture, then the Stallion Himalayan Salt Lamp is the perfect piece of art to be used for this purpose. It is basically a lamp made up of pink Himalayan salt crystals. Therefore, it serves both as a lamp and as a therapeutic agent as well. The salt crystals used in the formation of this top-rated lamp are pure and 100% natural, dug straight out of Himalayan foothills. 

Eminent Features:


The Stallion Himalayan rock salt lamp is a high-grade lamp and features an amazing craftsmanship. It is approved by CE and UL and is very safe to use as well.

Excellent Design and Craftsmanship:

In terms of design, it is one of the best Himalayan pink salt lamps that are available in the market nowadays. The beautiful formation of crystals sit atop a decorative base made up of wood and is perfect to be placed on the bedside table or coffee table.


  • The Stallion Himalayan is one of the best pink Himalayan salt lamps and acts as an air cleaner when it is turned on. The salt crystals used in the construction of this lamp are pure Himalayan salt blocks and are therefore infused with therapeutic properties.

  • The natural shape of this lamp combined with the incandescent properties provide tranquility and soothing effects to the people around it. 


  • It does not have a light dimmer switch to adjust brightness.

Natural Pink Himalayan Crystal Rock by SourceDIY

Is the birthday of your friend coming up and you are still confused about what to give her? This pink natural salt lamp by SourceDIY might be the solution to your worry. It comes in beautiful shape and is perfect for home decor or to be used as a gift item to give someone.

Eminent Features:


This lamp comes with numerous options and you are free to choose between dimmer lamp, button lamp, dimmer control lamp, and button control lamp. Other than this, various sizes of this lamp are also available and you can choose according to your needs and preferences.

Quality and Authenticity:

This salt lamp is a piece of art and is made up from 100% pure salt crystals which is why it works quite efficiently in providing health benefits associated with Himalayan salt. 


  • It is hand-carved which gives it a very natural and fascinating look.

  • This lamp is CE certified and is therefore safe to use.

  • It features an excellent finishing and is perfect for giving as a gift to someone.


  • It is not feasible to carry this lamp while traveling because of its hand-carved design.


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