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Best Himalayan Pink Salt in 2019

by Betty Gabriel
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Everyone around the globe is aware of the benefits of the Pink Himalayan salt; unless it’s someone living under a rock.

This miraculous salt is mined from the salt mines located at the foothills of the Himalayan mountain ranges. These salt mines fall in Punjab, a province of Pakistan. These mines are known to be millions of years old and have been there, protected by layers of thick mountains in all these years. This is the reason that the Himalayan salt is believed to be one of the purest salts on Earth. This is Himalayan Pink salt from Pakistan.

The beautiful Pink salt not only looks pleasing inside the salt jar in your kitchen but also adds another dimension to your dishes. It is indeed a healthier alternative of the table salt with a slightly different flavor that takes your food many notches higher in flavor.

Owing to the increasing market trend for the Himalayan salt, many companies are selling this miraculous salt. This is definitely a red flag for the consumers, as with so many choices, it becomes very difficult to choose the right product. You certainly do not want to be ripped off of your hard-earned money for something that is fake, or substandard.

We totally understand your misery and this is why we have come up with a piece that will tell you about the best Himalayan salts in the market. You can go through the information laid down here and then decide which salt out of these suits you the best. We assure that your meals will be jam-packed with nutrition with less sodium once you start using the Himalayan salt.

Himalayan salt price varies from product to product. We have mentioned the prices for a few products just to give a vague idea. You can check for exact prices from your regular store and compare the products on the scale.

This salt is all the good news you want to hear. This particular product from the manufacturer is known to be the best-selling fine Himalayan pink salt.

Eminent Features:

Natural and additive-free:

It is 100% pure, kosher and non-GMO. It is completely free from MSG, anticaking agents, soy, gluten, or dairy products.


It comes in standing pouches of different weight.

High Quality:

This salt is imported ensuring it is of the highest food-grade quality and then packed in the USA, under strict quality control surveillance.


  • This nutritious salt comes jam-packed with elements and trace minerals that are essential for the proper functioning and well-being of the human body. 
  • If you want to season your meats, grilled vegetables, add flavor to your soups and salads or add a salty kick to your baked goodies, Sherpa Pink Gourmet Salt should be your first choice.
  • If at any point you are unsatisfied with the quality or taste of this product, you can return it and get your money back. What else can advocate the authenticity and premium quality of a product like this?


  • It comes with the pouch due to which it is not easy to use. You need to put it in an airtight jar.

The Spice Lab Himalayan Pink Salt

For centuries people have been using the pink Himalayan salt for healing and medicinal cures. The Spice Lab Himalayan Pink salt promises to continue the legacy and reach its consumers as pure as mined from the salt mines.

If you wish to reap the benefits of this natural salt, buy it immediately.

Eminent Feature:


It is claimed to be completely free from plastic which a lot of other manufacturers are adding to their salts. 

Versatile in  Usage:

This Himalayan salt is suitable for people following different diet plans like paleo and keto. This means you can use one salt to meet the nutritional needs of all your family members. This salt makes an excellent ingredient for cooking, baking, and seasoning. It can also work well as a finishing salt.


  • Kosher & Natural Certified
  • This salt comes in a dark pink shade and the manufacturers claim it to be chock full of beneficial minerals.
  • They claim that the darker color indicates higher mineral content.
  • The pink Himalayan salt not only works as a flavoring component but can also be used as an active ingredient for bath salts and salt scrubs. You can add this salt to your bath soaks to avail the healing benefits of Himalayan salt. It will help to relax your body and get rid of the toxins. The salt enters the body through the pores and replenishes the lost minerals and energy. 
  • Similarly, salt scrubs exfoliate the skin, get rid of the dead skin cells and give your skin a soft and glowing look.


  • It comes with the pouch due to which it is not easy to use. You need to put it in an airtight jar.

Trader Joe's Himalayan Pink Salt Grinder

If you are in search of the best grinder for Himalayan salt then you must go for this one. This salt is jam-packed with flavors which means even a small quantity yields strong flavor.

Himalayan salt helps a lot in balancing the electrolytes and minerals in the body. Moreover, this salt is low in sodium as compared to other edible salts which makes it an ideal choice for human consumption.

If you want to use salt with a style and do not want to compromise on the health benefits, grab Trader’s Joe Himalayan Pink Salt now. We promise you will not be disappointed.

Eminent Features:

Safe Packaging:

This salt comes in a transparent jar with a built-in grinder. If you love a classy touch to your things, this salt definitely deserves a place on your kitchen shelf. 

Easy to use:

The transparent jar is filled with coarse Himalayan salt. You can freshly grind the salt grains and add them to your dishes directly. 


  • This salt is jam-packed with flavors which means even a small quantity yields strong flavor.
  • This comes with a pretty jar and grinder to easily sprinkle it over the food.
  • It is aesthetically as well as health-wise a very good choice.


  • This brand may be a bit pricey because of the grinder, therefore not affordable for everyone.

Wild Fine Grain Himalayan Pink Salt

If you feel bloated and suffer from water retention and have found salt to be the major culprit behind your sufferings, think no more and instantly switch to the Wild Himalayan Pink salt. 

For today’s active human who is inclining towards natural and beneficial products by nature, this salt is no less than nature’s gift. For everyone who is against slave labor, this salt is mined by a force of people who are given their fair share of wages and enjoy their basic rights. If you are one of those who are really concerned by the slave labor, this salt is good news for you.

Eminent Features:

Pure and unadulterated:

It is free from harmful additives. This salt is completely hand-mind, ensuring no man or its pollution reaches even a single grain of this salt.

Mineral Rich:

The bright pink color of this salt speaks about the natural mineral content of this salt. All these minerals are already present inside the human body and help in the proper functioning of vital body organs.


  • This salt is mineral-rich and healthy.
  • It can be used in cooking, drinks, salt scrubs, and as a finishing salt.
  • This Himalayan salt has a smooth and assuming flavor. This makes it an excellent choice to be added to drinks’ recipes. This means that you can enjoy an unnoticeable subtle salty flavor that doesn’t overwhelm other flavors of the drink.


  • It is packed in the pouch due to which it is not easy to use. You should put it in the jar for easy usage.

Chef Pure Himalayan Pink Salt

This salt has a distinctive tang and tincture which is solely associated with the Himalayan salt. It has the same iconic natural pink color. This advocates that the salt is as pure as found in the salt mines in Pakistan.

Once you try this flavorful salt, it is bound to become an essential ingredient of your meals. You can add spices of your choice to this salt and create a unique blend of flavors according to your liking.

Eminent Features:

Halal Certified:

It is a non-GMO, Halal and Kosher certified connoisseur salt. 

Easy Packaging:

This salt comes in a very easy to use zip-lock packaging. This ensures that the flavor of this salt remains intact till the very last grain.


  • Table salt goes through rigorous processing and many additives are added in this salt, making it beautiful to look at. The Chef Pure Himalayan salt is completely free from any such additives. It is the best coarse Himalayan pink salt.
  • You can add this beneficial salt to marinades or salad dressing, sprinkle it on your cooked food, fruits, or vegetables or add it to your soups and gravies. It will not only enhance other flavors of the food but give an extra kick to your dishes.


  • It has coarse grains. If you want to sprinkle it over food then put it in a grinder for easy use.

We have reviewed five topmost Himalayan salt brands available in the market. Himalayan salt is beneficial in many ways. It helps in regulating blood, and sugar levels, easing muscle cramps, helps with hormonal imbalance, aides in acid reflux, benefits the skin, helps in weight loss, improves blood circulation and cardiovascular health, improves respiratory ailments, and helps in better sleep patterns. These are just a few of the plethora of benefits this miraculous salt owns.

It is not possible to decide which one salt brand is superior to others. Everyone has different preferences and choices. What may suit one family might not work for the other. It is therefore wise to try a few salt brands from the top picks according to your inclination and then choose the best one from them. 

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