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How to make alkaline water with Himalayan salt?

by Betty Gabriel

Water is considered to be an essential component of everyone’s life as it makes up the majority of our body weight and is involved in carrying out routine body functions. It is very important to regulate our entire body to make it work properly. Water helps to control body temperature and promotes the cleaning of our body by eliminating different toxins.

Despite being well aware of all the benefits of water, we don’t really pay attention to staying hydrated. There are many ways to drink the required amount of water daily and alkaline water is one of the most beneficial ones. Alkaline water not only fulfills the water requirement but also provides hydration and essential minerals.

Let’s put some light on the striking attributes of Himalayan pink salt first, before talking about alkaline water.

Himalayan Salt

This is not out of place to mention here that Himalayan salt is the purest salt present on earth. Himalayan salt mined through natural deposits from the Punjab region of Pakistan is 100% natural and toxin-free. Minerals and elements present in the Himalayan salt match with most of our body components and this feature makes it unique as well as beneficial for us.

Himalayan Salt nutritional benefits are unlimited and it gives amazing health advantages that are creating hype around the globe. Now let’s discuss alkaline water that contains all the healing benefits of Himalayan salt.

Alkaline Water – What Is It, Exactly?

The water we consume on a daily basis generally has a neutral pH of 7. The pH scale ranges from 0-14 and Alkali has a pH balance of more than 7. So, alkaline water is believed to neutralize or expel additional acidity in our body because it contains a greater pH than our normal drinking water. 

Substituting alkaline water with normal water brings many prolific changes in the body.

Alkaline Water – How Do You Make It?

You will require the following ingredients to make Himalayan salt alkaline water:

  •         Water (1 Liter)
  •         Lemon (2)
  •         Himalayan Pink Salt (1 1/8 Tablespoon)


Squeeze one lemon into a water jug and add also lemon slices and Himalayan salt. Mix it well and let this mixture sit for 8 to 9 hours or overnight.

This mixture will turn into alkaline water due to its enhanced pH level and you can drink it throughout the day to get surprising outcomes.

What Does It Do? What Benefits Alkaline Water Offers?

The following are some of the benefits of Himalayan salt water which is termed alkaline water.

Works As Antioxidant

 Our body gets exposed to radicals that are present in the polluted air, frozen foods, smoke, and various noxious sources on a daily basis. These free radicals are extremely injurious for our immune system.

Antioxidants basically are strong bodies that fight against these free radicals. To remain healthy our bodies require antioxidants to eradicate these dangerous radicals that weaken immunity. Alkaline water is a significant source to get these antioxidants.

Maintains The Body’s pH Level

Our food intake can directly affect our body functions, some foods make your blood more acidic which not only disturbs the body to perform its basic function but also may turn into serious illness. 

So our body always strives to balance the pH level. Himalayan salt drink termed as alkaline water is believed to stabilize the pH level as this water is having a higher pH level of 8 to 9 than the tap water.

Keeps You Hydrated

Your body should be well-hydrated for the whole day to survive and execute its functions properly.

Alkaline water has the ability to get absorbed swiftly which ultimately escalates your liquid intake and keeps you more hydrated. For required blood circulation our body needs essential ionized minerals that are said to be present in alkaline water.

Boosts Immunity

A strong immune system keeps you away from many diseases and prepares your body to fight against viruses. Consuming mineralized alkaline water is very important for the optimal functioning of the immune system as well as to maintain overall health. Alkaline water is regarded to boost immunity.

Great Detoxifier

By performing various activities our body assembles acidic waste that is nothing but toxins. By replacing normal water with alkaline water you stimulate your body to get rid of these toxins as this Himalayan salt water cleanses the entire system. 

You have to facilitate this body detoxification process by regularly taking alkaline water because Himalayan saltwater detoxes the body and works as a perfect detoxifier.

Helps In Weight Loss

People are more likely to put on weight these days because of practicing unhealthy lifestyles and due to increased consumption of frozen food items and junk food. These foods are hard to digest resulting in making your body more acidic. An acidic body produces more fat cells than an alkaline body that leads to obesity.

Alkaline water minimizes the creation of fat cells by balancing the acid in your body. It also boosts the metabolism and restricts the cravings as well. You can shed your extra body fat with a fast and healthy metabolism.

All these properties of alkaline water promote weight loss.

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