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Best Household Uses for Salt

by Betty Gabriel
Best Household Uses for Salt

You may have not realized your whole life that salt can be used for various purposes other than seasoning meals. Salt is a multifunctional compound of sodium and chloride. It is the most used condiment around the world for ages.

Since its discovery about 4,000 – 5,000 years ago, people have been using it for flavoring and preserving foods. It not only adds taste to foods but can also be used in many ways to help you with daily tasks. Salt provides an easy and cheap solution for many households’ problems. Different types of salts are available that are useful for different purposes.

We have compiled a list of uses of salt in different household categories such as cleaning, cooking, health, and wellness, which you may haven’t thought of before. So, let’s find out the uses of salt to make most of this nature’s gift.

Uses in Kitchen

  1. Sprinkling salt on kitchen shelves can keep the ants away.
  2. Make the descaling of fish easy by soaking it in saltwater. This will make the scales come off easily and accurately.
  3. Prevent the wilting of green salads by adding a pinch of salt to them.
  4. You can easily check if the eggs are fresh or not by putting them in a cup of saltwater. The fresh eggs will sink in the bottom while the bad ones will float.
  5. For easily removing the shell of eggs, add a pinch of salt when boiling them.
  6. A pinch of salt in the coffee can enhance its flavor and reduce bitterness.
  7. Salt has been used for preserving fish and meat for centuries.
  8. Rubbing salt on the frying pan will prevent the eggs from sticking.
  9. Stains of Coffee and tea eventually begin to appear after frequent use. A natural way to get rid of those stains is to rub the cups with salt before rinsing with a dishwasher.
  10. Keep the mold away from your cheese by wrapping it in a clean fabric soaked in saltwater. The shelf life of your cheese will also be increased with this method.


  1. During the cold winter season the windows of cars get frozen. Salt can help you unfreeze them. Rub saltwater on the windows using a soft sponge and let it dry. Always keep salt filled in a cloth bag in your car and whenever you see the windows are getting wet, scrub them with that salt bag to prevent them from freezing.
  2. If you are looking for some effective tip to get rid of nasty shoe odor then salt is the solution. Spray the saltwater solution on the inside of your shoes and protect them from bad odor.
  3. White shirts tend to get those unpleasant yellow perspiration stains that are hard to remove but not anymore. Make a solution of salt in hot water and scrub it on the stain before washing it with detergent.
  4. Flowers add freshness and color to your place but stained vases can spoil their whole purpose. For cleaning vases, wash them with salt water first and then with tap water using any mild soap.
  5. Grease is tough to remove with water only because it is insoluble in it. But saltwater can easily scrub off grease and its stain.

Health and Beauty

  1. Say bye-bye to itching and swelling with saltwater. Dab the salt solution on the affected area and gently massage then apply a fragrance-free oil or moisturizer to hydrate it.
  2. To prevent the inflammation and redness caused by the bee stings, immediately apply saltwater to the affected area.
  3. Give yourself an instant mineral boost at the start of the day with Himalayan salt sole or saltwater. Himalayan salt provides traces of essential minerals that help improve digestion and remove toxins from the body.
  4. To make your toothbrushes bacteria-free, soak them in saltwater.
  5. Gargle with a salt solution to treat sore throat. It will also kill bacteria and draw out mucus.
  6. Saltwater also works as an all-natural and effective mouthwash. You can also sprinkle dry salt on your toothbrush to thoroughly clean your teeth.
  7. You can also use bath salt to draw a mineral-rich hot bath that detoxifies the skin and makes it clean and rejuvenated. Epsom salt, Dead Sea salt, and pink salt bath are very popular for detoxifying salt baths.
  8. Have you heard of bath bombs? These also contain salt for extra benefits other than creating foam. Himalayan pink salt bath bombs are very beneficial for the skin as they deeply exfoliate the skin and make it smooth and supple.
  9. Salt acts as a very effective and cheap body scrub. It can deeply cleanse your pores and also help decrease bumpy skin. You can easily make salt scrub by mixing half a cup of fine Himalayan salt, 1 tablespoon of coconut oil/olive oil, a few drops of any essential oil, and 1 teaspoon lemon juice. You can apply this on your body and massage gently with your fingers and rinse with water. This will remove all the dirt and gunk trapped in pores and leave your skin all clean and happy.
  10. You can also detoxify your feet by submerging them in saltwater. For this, take a tub of warm water and dissolve half a cup of salt, a few drops of essential oil, and 1 tablespoon of baking soda. Soak your feet in this water for about 15 minutes and then rinse with tap water. Apply a foot cream for moisturization. This is a natural foot detoxification remedy that you can easily do at home.

You can also make natural and organic salt playdough for your kids. Here is the recipe for salt dough.


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