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What is Finishing Salt? Types & Uses

by Betty Gabriel
Finishing Salt

Have you ever tried a dish at a restaurant and wondered how they made such a perfect dish with an equal balance of flavors? The answer is they used ‘Finishing salt.’

Now the question is; What is Finishing Salt?

The name defines itself; finishing salt is used right before serving food to enhance the flavor and texture. It is usually flaky and coarse, which gives food a unique crunch. It is more expensive than regular table salt, as it is gathered by hand minimally proceed.

In this blog, we’ll take a detailed look at what finishing salt is. Different types of finishing salts and how to use them to make your dish taste next level.

Most Common Types of Finishing Salt

Nature blessed us with different types of finishing salts, each with its unique flavor. Let’s explore some common types of finishing salt;

Maldon Sea salt

Maldon is a type of sea salt hand-harvested from the coast of England. Its flavor is mild and contains a flaky texture, making it the perfect finish for roasted meats and vegetables.

Fleur De Sel

Fleur de sel is a type of sea salt hand-harvested from salt ponds. It has a fine texture and subtle flavor, which makes it perfect for finishing dishes like; roasted vegetables, grilled fish, etc.

Himalayan Pink Salt

Himalayan pink salt is a rock salt mined from the Khewra salt mines. This salt is pinkish and has a lightly sweet flavor, which makes it perfect for finishing desserts like; chocolate deserts and caramel sauces.

Grinding Salt 

Grinding salt is a type of large dry salt crystal. It is used for flavoring foods at the table or it is also appropriate to use during cooking for freshly ground salt flavor.

Sel Gris

Sel Gris is a kind of sea salt harvested from the coast of France. It contains a coarse texture and a salty flavor, which makes it perfect for finishing dishes like; grilled meats.

How To Use Finishing Salt?

It’s time to use it on your food to enhance flavor and make the family members and guests fans of your food.

Here are some tips on how to use salt in your food;

  • Use It On Steak

One of the most common ways to use this salt is to sprinkle it on a perfectly cooked steak just before serving. The salt will enhance the meat’s natural flavor and makes it taste mouthwatering. Himalayan Salt, kosher salt, and smoked finishing salt are great options to season the steaks. 

  • Use It On Eggs

Finishing salt can also flavor eggs, such as fried and boiled eggs. It will bring out the richness and depth of flavor in eggs. You can use it in classic egg dishes to twist the taste. 

  • Use It On Vegetables

Vegetables may sound bland and sometimes less tasty, but finishing salt can be used on roasted vegetables to enhance their flavor and make you love eating vegetables.

  • Use It On Desserts

Salt in a dessert? Yes, you read it right! Finishing salt can be used on desserts to add an essence of saltiness to sweet dishes like chocolate and caramel.

Does Finishing Salt Make Steaks Taste Better?

When it comes to steaks, it can enhance the meat’s umami flavor, which is savory and makes it so delicious.

So the answer is that finishing salt can make your steaks taste more delicious. The best part about sprinkling a finishing salt on your steak is that it will give you a crunchy taste, making your dining experience even more enjoyable!

You can use different salts to sprinkle on your steak, there are other salts available in the market, and each has its flavor and essence. You can choose according to your taste. For example, Himalayan pink salt has a slightly sweet taste. On the other hand, Maldon sea salt has a flaky texture and a clean, salty flavor. 

Go for a finishing salt that makes your steak perfect and delicious, how you like it! 

How Long Does Finishing Salt Last?

The shelf life of a finishing salt depends on the type of salt you are using and how it is stored. Most have a long shelf life that can last for months or even years if stored in an airtight jar.


Finishing salt is a simple yet powerful ingredient that will make your food mouthwatering with its unique flavors and make you feel like a pro chef. As we told you above, every salt has its unique flavor. So, next time you are in the kitchen cooking for your family or have invited some guests, remember to add a pinch of finishing salt to your dishes and then see the difference by yourself. You will surely love it!


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