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Himalayan Salt Sole Benefits

by Betty Gabriel
Himalayan Salt Sole Benefits

If you are a fitness freak and choose only the very best for yourself, you must have heard about the Himalayan salt and its many health benefits.The current health craze is about consuming Himalayan saltwater in the morning. This saltwater is commonly called the sole.

What is the sole water?

Sole water is a saturated mixture of the Himalayan salt and water. In simpler words, salt is added to the water until the water is no longer able to absorb it.

Numerous health claims are circulating around this solution. This miracle solution is believed to cure muscle cramp, improve sleep, aid weight loss, and balance hormones.

Let us talk more about the pink salt, Sole water, and investigate its benefits.

Himalayan sole (so-lay) is made by adding salt to drinking water. The Himalayan salt is extracted from the salt mines that are located in Pakistan. These salt mines are a result of massive sea evaporation that took place many thousand years ago. Since then the sea salt has been kept protected by layers of mountains. This is what makes the Himalayan salt the purest salt on Earth.

How is sole water made?

Himalayan sole water also called the Himalayan pink salt electrolyte drink, is made by filling a glass jar with Himalayan salt until it is quarter full. Now, add water to the jar and let it sit for 12-24 hours.

Your salt sole is ready!

Make sure to keep on adding salt until the water stops dissolving any more salt. At this point, the water becomes fully saturated.

The advocates of Himalayan salt sole recommend drinking one teaspoon of this salt sole dissolved in one glass of water at room temperature every morning. You can take this sole water with lemon. It will make this miraculous drink tastier and healthier.

What does the salt sole do to your body?

There are many differences between Himalayan salt and table salt. Unlike table salt, pink salt is free from any additives like bleaching and anti-caking agents.

The natural rock salt is known for its healing properties. It is rich in iodine, iron oxide, calcium, potassium, manganese, and whatnot. The salt boasts of having as many as 84 trace minerals all which are extremely helpful in the proper functioning of the human body. The salt gets its beautiful pink color from these trace minerals.

Now, when the Himalayan salt is added to the water, electrolytes like sodium, potassium, etc get ionized. This means that these electrolytes become charged molecules. These are positively charged ions and they mix with negative ions of the water. This results in a new structure that carries a charge that’s perfect to be absorbed by the human body.

When you drink the sole water, the absorbed electrical charge sends signals from cell to cell of your body and maintains hydration.

Himalayan Salt Sole Benefits


Health benefits of the sole water:

Minerals are vital for the proper functioning of our body. All the issues in the functioning of our body are due to a mineral deficiency. When our bodies are stocked up on these beneficial minerals, they work wonderfully well.

Himalayan salt is full of minerals. This is what makes it a perfect choice for the salt sole.

Some notable health benefits of the Himalayan salt sole are:

 Improves digestion: 

Himalayan salt helps in breaking down food and aids digestion. It does so by activating the salivary glands and releasing amylase. It also stimulates hydrochloric acid that helps in digesting protein in the stomach and secretions in the liver and intestines.

So, if you are still wondering if Himalayan salt cause bloating; the answer is a straight no!

 Fluid balance and regulation:

A lot of stress is laid on consuming more and more water on a daily basis. The truth is, when you drink a lot of water, it stresses your kidneys and that’s what makes you looking for a washroom all the time. Plain water also lowers down your electrolyte levels and slows the metabolism. It is actually just passed out of your body without being absorbed. When water with minerals and electrolytes is consumed, it helps in functioning and absorption of minerals in a better way.

  • Energizes your body: Himalayan salt contains a number of rare minerals like copper, zinc, calcium, iodine, and magnesium. These minerals energize your body.
  • Improves sleep: All the minerals contained in the Himalayan salt sole alleviate stress and relieve anxiety. When your mind is at peace, you can sleep quicker, longer, and better.
  • Helps hydration: The body detoxifies and repairs during sleep. But, it loses a lot of water in this process. This is the reason we are thirsty when we wake up in the morning. Consuming a salt elixir helps in re-hydrating the body.
  • Aids weight loss: The salt sole improves digestion and stock up the body on all the vital minerals. This gives a natural boost to the metabolism and helps in weight loss. If you are considering going on a weight loss diet, try Himalayan salt sole for weight loss or sole water keto.
  • Saltwater benefits for skin: People are using Himalayan salt sole and reaping benefits. Himalayan salt sole for skin works amazingly. It helps in getting rid of skin issues like acne, rashes, dry scalp, eczema and also helps in eliminating hair and nail issues.

Bottom line:

Ironically, salt is considered a villain for human health.  A number of health benefits mentioned above are attributed to the high-sodium diet and cutting off the salt from daily diet is considered the only solution.

It is essential to know the difference between the variety of salts available in the market. The harmful salts are often loaded with harmful additives and highly processed depriving them of the natural minerals.

The Himalayan salt is by far the best choice in salt as it contains a number of beneficial nutrients. Consuming this salt in healthy limits can benefit your body in a plethora of ways. Stock up on this pink salt quickly.


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