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How to Tell if the Himalayan Salt Lamp is Real?

by Betty Gabriel
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Does the soft warm glow of the Himalayan salt lamp fascinate you? But whenever you go out to buy one for yourself, you always get confused with such a vast variety of these lamps available in the market or most importantly, by the fake ones that people sell. 

Nobody likes to get tricked when it comes to buying goods. Many shops sell these salt lamps at heavy prices but no good comes out of them as they are not the real ones.

The best quality Himalayan salt lamp is the one that is made up of pure Himalayan salt and is free from any pollutants. The pure Himalayan salt lamp also provides various health benefits other than being an amazing decoration piece for your living room. 

So, let us now dive straight into the subject at hand and have a look at how we can differentiate the real Himalayan salt lamps from the fake ones.

Some Characteristics of the Authentic Himalayan Salt Lamp

1- Made up of Pure Himalayan Salt

The Himalayan salt, as we all know is mined from the mountains of the famous Himalayan Range. These lamps are made up of pink Himalayan salt which is found only from the part of the Himalayan Range located in Pakistan. 

Always check for the label on the lamp you are buying and if it doesn’t say that it’s manufactured in Pakistan, then it’s a fake one for sure. Also, another precaution you can take is to buy only from the companies that are trusted worldwide.

2- Its heavy but Lights-up well

Himalayan salt lamps usually have irregular shapes and they are quite heavy as well. This is another proof that they are the real ones. The authentic Himalayan salt lamp may be heavy but it will light up your room quite brightly unlike the fake ones which are very dim most of the time. 

The lamp’s color and texture are just like a Himalayan salt block which is why it is heavy. Its glow is warm and gives a sense of calm to the on-looker. This is why it is placed usually in a living room or a bedroom so that it can create a peaceful environment with its amazing therapeutic properties. You can simply put in on your bedside table or on the living room table to enjoy its endless health benefits.

3- It Discharges Water

Another characteristic of a real Himalayan salt is that it sweats due to the hygroscopic nature of the Himalayan salt. Being hygroscopic means that it absorbs moisture from its environment. When the lamp lits up, it starts to sweat and cleanses the air as well by absorbing negative ions from the air. 

Therefore, if your lamp does not sweat or leak when you keep it turned off for a long time, then it’s a fake one. A pure Himalayan salt lamp will simply dissolve if it keeps on leaking or sweating for a long period.

4- Cleanses Air

Original Himalayan salt lamps emit negatively charged particles that neutralize or cancel the effect of positive ions, releasing from different devices like television or smartphones. If you have a real Himalayan Salt Lamp it will make you feel relaxed than before.

As written above, the Himalayan Salt lamp contains hygroscopic property, so it contributes its role in cleansing and purification of air. Himalayan Salt Lamps also absorb harmful and polluted molecules from the environment. If you don’t feel such differences in your surroundings, then you might be having a fake Himalayan lamp.

5- Prevention from Allergies

The authentic Himalayan salt lamps are the best for those struggling with nasal allergies and asthma. They also give you protection against aerial germs and are also good for air tainted by cigarette smoke or other dust particles. 

In this way, real Himalayan Salt Lamps allows you to breathe easily. But if you don’t feel any difference in the presence of Himalayan Salt lamp, then definitely it is fake.

6- Serves for a Healthy Mind

Real Himalayan Salt Lamp has one more astounding advantage which can help you determine if your lamp is real or fake. Serotonin is a chemical present in our brain which is responsible for a pleasant mood. It is said that salt lamps generate negative ions which are a good source of release of serotonin. 

So, if you have an authentic Himalayan salt lamp beside you, it will enhance your mood and will also prove to be very beneficial if you are fighting with depression, stress, mood swings, anxiety, and insomnia. If it doesn’t make any difference to make your mood better, you do not have a real Himalayan lamp for sure.  

7- A Little Expensive

You will find out the real Himalayan Salt Lamps a bit expensive. As they are pure and made up of real pink Himalayan Salt, mined from Pakistan following with a lot of health benefits. They are ecofriendly and are heavy in weight. All these properties make it a little expensive. If you’re buying a lamp at a low price, you need to think again because you can’t buy a real one at a cheap price.

How Long Does a Himalayan Salt Lamp Last?

A real Himalayan Salt Lamp does not last forever. But it can last for a considerable time if you take good care of the salt lamp. This is because an original salt lamp melts and eventually dissolves if left off. But this is not the case with the edible Himalayan salt a sits can last forever if used properly.

No one can deny the importance of these lamps. Every house should have these lamps and gain benefit from their amazing properties. These lamps act as an air purifier and provide a soothing effect as well. They can improve your lifestyle in every way either it’s related to your health or decorating your house.

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