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Himalayan pink salt Nutrition Facts and Benefits

by Betty Gabriel
Himalayan sea salt nutrition fact

The mission to adopt a healthy lifestyle begins with eating clean and nutritional foods. Some healthy food choices can improve your overall eating habits. Salt is an essential part of every food so it has its own importance in your cooking. Salt has nutritional importance as well because it assists many body functions to work in their optimal state.

You can choose from different salts based on the flavor or texture of the salt or different nutritional value they possess. These days, a very beautiful pink colored Himalayan rock salt is getting popular in the gourmet foods. 

Himalayan Salt Crystals:

Himalayan pink salt is a new trend among fitness freaks who seek it for health and nutritional value it has. Himalayan pink salt comes with the same chemical constituents found in common salt but because of the specific crystal structure, it is a little bit larger than regular salt. Its crystals are of different sizes and colors ranging from light to dark pink with orange hues to light pink. 

Is Himalayan salt good for you

Well, to answer this question, we need in-depth information about the Himalayan rock salt nutrition facts. Remember, the salt can be beneficial as well as harmful for you. To get the maximum benefit from it, you should have proper knowledge of its nutritional facts. 

You may have used different kinds of salt in cooking on a daily basis like sea salt, iodized salt, table salt, etc. Among all the salts Himalayan pink salt has its own importance and presence. This article explores Himalayan pink salt nutrition facts that will surprise you.

Chemical composition of Himalayan salt:

The chemical composition of Himalayan pink salt makes it unique as it contains 97-98 % of sodium chloride and other 80+ naturally occurring minerals in trace amounts such as magnesium, sulfate, and iron, etc. 

With the help of these minerals, Himalayan pink salt can help to treat migraine and headache along with other ailments. Himalayan salt is considered to be the purest salt in the world. 

What does pink salt taste like?

Well, it has a strong taste as compared to other salts this is due to the number of minerals and trace elements present in it.

Why is pink Himalayan salt better for you? 

There are so many different reasons behind the nutritional goodness of Himalayan salt for you. The crystallized rock salt was found covered by lava in isolated areas in the Himalaya. It remained there for hundreds of years covered in lava under high pressure. 

This rock salt is pure and unadulterated because it has been preserved and protected by the natural environment. Experts believe that this specific type of salt is the purest salt that can be found on this planet Earth. The minerals found within Himalayan salt with sodium work perfectly in providing nutrition. 

Difference between Himalayan Salt and Table Salt

  • As Himalayan salt is difficult to mine and available in the natural state so it’s a little pricey as compared to common salt available in the market. Common salt or table salt gives easy revenue to the companies so they forget about the nutritional value of salt and prefer to sell this salt which is also referred to as the white poison.
  • There is a big difference between Himalayan salt and table salt. Most of the salts come from very unclean sources. Himalayan rock salt is better than common salt because this salt is chemically bleached, cleaned, and heated at very high temperatures. Due to all the processioning table salt loses most of its essential minerals.
  • During the phase of processing so-called anti-caking substances are also added which prevents the mixing of water and salt in the salt container. These substances also prevent the proper dissolving of salt in our body as well and cause serious health issues.
  • Furthermore, rock salt has the trace quantity of natural iodine whereas common salt has iodine which is added into this while processing is synthetic and very difficult to be processed in a natural way. So, a frequently asked question “does rock salt contain iodine?” has been answered here.

Himalayan Pink Salt Benefits:

You have probably seen or used this unusual looking salt but do you know how this salt affects the body? There are countless nutritional benefits of Himalayan salt; few of them are discussed below:

  • Himalayan salt helps balance out and stabilize irregular blood pressure.
  • Improves the flow of the blood.
  • Manages water content outside and inside of the human cells.
  • Eases any pain or discomfort associated with sore muscles. In short, it prevents muscle cramps.
  • Himalayan salt also improves the health of bones.
  • It’s also a natural digestive and helps the intestines absorb nutrients in the best way.
  • Rock salt helps in proper metabolism functioning.
  • Balances and stabilizes acidity, alkalinity and helps the system in reducing acid reflux.
  • Sprinkling a little bit on your food can help balance your body’s pH and have tremendous other health benefits.
  • It flushes out toxins from the body.
  • Himalayan salt benefits for face are also something to mention here. According to some nutritionists, Himalayan pink salt can also slow down the aging process. It also cleanses the body from heavy metals.

How do you determine how much quantity is best for your health?

 A lot of times the Himalayan salt and sea salt get that notion of being the healthier salts because they do contain some trace minerals and they’re not as heavily processed as table salt. However, the trace minerals are so small that the nutritional value of sea salt versus normal salt is not enough to make a big difference.

In fact, the biggest difference among all salt options is simply where they come from, their texture, the crystal size, and the processing. Regardless of the type of salt you use, health experts say limiting your intake is key to maintaining your health.

Bottom Line:

While you may have got the answer of most the questions regarding Himalayan pink salt. You might have made the mind to buy it as well but you are curious to know “How to buy the Himalayan pink salt” and “where does Himalayan sea salt come from?” The answer is simple, as its name indicates this salt comes from the Himalaya in Punjab region of Pakistan. It is easily available in markets as well.

To conclude this, Himalayan salt has enormous beneficial effects on the human body. From Himalayan sea salt nutrition fact to its completely pure and free from toxins nature has made it a trend these days..

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