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Khewra Salt Mine Tourism

by Betty Gabriel
Khewra Salt Mine Tourism

Khewra salt mine is known as the only source of pink Himalayan salt in the world. This mine is Pakistan’s largest and the world’s second-largest mine of salt. It is located in Khewra which is one of the populated cities of Jhelum District, Punjab, Pakistan. That is why it is known as the Khewra salt mine. This mine is not just famous for producing tons of Himalayan pink salt every year but also for its structure and monuments that are worth visiting by tourists.

Hundreds of local and foreign tourists visit the Khewra mine every year because of the old history and tourist attractions that this mine offer. Now, you must be thinking why this mine is a famous tourist spot. We will take you to this mine in this article.

Khewra Salt Mine In Pakistan

This is one of the ancient and largest mines in the world. This salt mine has the oldest history of pink salt mining in the sub-continent. According to Pakistan Mineral Development Corporation, the total salt reserves of these mines are over one Billion tonnes with an annual production of approximately 300,000 to 400,000 tons.

Khewra salt mine has tunnels of approximately 40 kilometers long with 19 levels out of which 7 levels are above the ground and 12 below. The main tunnel of this huge mine was developed under British rule in 1872 by an engineer, Dr. H. Warth. This tunnel has so many monuments and is one of the most visited spots by tourists.

So, if you are planning to visit these mines, then this tourist guide will help you explore them and make your trip memorable.

Electric Train Ride

This salt mine is open for visitors from 9 am to 4 pm. Upon reaching the mines, you will see other tourists riding on an electric train. This train was made during British Rule in the 1930s when proper mining of Himalayan pink salt was started. You can choose to walk or take this train ride to go from the entrance of the mine to the main hall which is 75-meter-high.

Main Assembly Hall

This is the center of the salt mine. The jaw-dropping wide structure of this assembly hall is worth seeing. You will see a carving on the wall of this hall that shows a striking resemblance to Allama Iqbal.

The other thing that will catch your attention is the Badshahi Mosque. This one of its kind mosque is made of Himalayan rock salt bricks of different sizes and shades. When these bricks are illuminated by bulbs fitted in recesses, give off a very serene and calm feel to the surroundings.

Different Monuments Inside Mine

If you are enchanted by the grace of the mosque then be ready because there are some more sights that will make you even more impressed. The main tunnel has miniature replicas of different popular monuments that are also built entirely from Himalayan pink rock salt tiles.

These include Minar-e-Pakistan which is the pride of Pakistan, The Great Wall of China, the very famous Shimla Hill of Lahore, and Murree Mall Road. All these monuments glow up and make the whole sight attractive. Another wonder is Sheesh Mahal which is also known as Mirror Palace. Its ceiling and walls reflect the light and give the feel of a shining mirror.

Salt Bridge & Salt Pond

There is a narrow 25-foot-long bridge above a saltwater pond. This bridge is known as Pul Saraat and is made with salt columns without any pillars for support. The salt pond is 100 feet deep and is surrounded by pink salt. The beautiful reflection of colorful salt makes this pond very alluring. People are not allowed to swim or use this water.

Post Office

To facilitate the miners in sending and receiving letters from their families, a functional post office is built inside the mine. Just like other monuments, this post office is also made of Himalayan salt bricks. You have never seen such a beautiful post office anywhere in the world that glows like the sun.

Emergency Dispensary Made Of Salt Bricks

This salt mine range has an emergency dispensary to provide first aid and instant relief to the miners working inside. This one of its kind dispensary is completely made of Himalayan rock salt bricks. It has all the required equipment and medicines to serve the miners. The salt bricks of the dispensary light up when bulbs fitted in them are switched on.

Asthma Resort

Apart from the Emergency dispensary, you will also find an asthma resort in this mine. You all must be aware of the therapeutic properties of Himalayan salt for human health. The air infused with salt particles helps reduce symptoms of various respiratory issues. The salt mine is full of negative ions and salt air that reduces the positive ions and airborne particles from the air and improves its quality.

This asthma resort has been set up by the PMDC and is open to anyone suffering from different respiratory ailments. There is a fountain at the entrance of this resort to welcome the patients. The asthma resort has a reception area and 12 beds clinic with 6 cabins built with rock salt bricks. Many salt lamps are placed in the clinic to light up the place with their warm glow. Salt air therapy helps patients with respiratory issues by reducing their symptoms.

Souvenirs Shop

Take the memories of your visit to these mines with you by purchasing handmade Himalayan salt lamps, candle holders, and other salt gifts from the souvenir shops. You will find so many souvenir shops in the nearby areas of the mine offering a variety of beautifully crafted Himalayan salt decoration pieces. You can even gift these souvenirs to your loved ones while telling them the stories of your visit to the mine.

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