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How Himalayan salt can improve your health and the surroundings during Quarantine?

by Betty Gabriel
pink himalayan salt

With a pandemic hovering over our heads, we are forced to maintain self-quarantine that looks like never-ending. It seems quite impossible to think that something good could actually come out of this whole COVID-19 situation but it doesn’t hurt to use this time for some self-reflection, skills improvement and of course for some well-deserved and much-needed rest as well. However, as this all revolves around a quite deadly virus, it is crucial to look after one’s health as well. In current times, taking preventive measures to reduce your chances of getting COVID-19 should be the topmost priority but it is also essential to fight off other viruses and diseases as well so as to avoid going to the hospital and catching the virus for no reason.

In this article, we will be focusing on the ways you take care of your health by one of nature’s most magical products that is none other than the Himalayan salt. Himalayan salt is not only used in cooking, skincare products, and decoration items but it has extensive health benefits as well. It works wonders when it comes to nasal and respiratory problems. As we all know that COVID-19 affects the respiratory system and one of its first symptoms is coughing which is later followed by fever. 

It is advisable to make your immune system strong so that you can fight off this virus. You should adopt such healthy habits that could help you to strengthen yourself. The right and proper use of Himalayan salt can actually help you to avoid respiratory problems and also help to protect you from this virus by keeping your surroundings clean. So, let’s dive in and see how we can make the most out of this product during quarantine in order to stay healthy. But first, let’s start with an introduction to Himalayan rock salt.

A Brief Introduction:

The Himalayan salt is extracted from the Himalayan Mountains and is known to have a wide range of therapeutic properties. Not only it boosts your health but also helps you get rid of respiratory problems i.e. coughing, sneezing, flu, etc. It also relaxes the mind, and the fact that it contains 84 trace minerals makes it more beneficial for one’s health. This is why you will find many Himalayan salt products out in the market along with jars that are filled with small pink crystals that grandmothers use to make those magical home remedies for treating different sorts of respiratory problems. Let’s have a look at how we can do that.

Salt Gargles:

Salt gargles are one of the most common and conventional methods of treating respiratory problems. When it comes to flu and cough, people usually go for home-made remedies instead of medicines. There is no doubt in the fact that salt gargles are quite beneficial but using Himalayan salt rather than the table salt really changes the whole game. 

All you have to do is mix some pink Himalayan salt in water. Heat it up a bit and use it for gargling. Not only will it fight off bacteria but will also soothe and relax you which is something that everybody needs in the COVID-19 pandemic.


Have you ever heard of this term before? No? Well, let us tell you more about this in detail. Halotherapy involves inhaling salty air and is used to treat a wide range of minor to major respiratory problems i.e. bronchitis, asthma, coughing, and even allergies as it helps fight off bacteria and viruses. 

Halotherapy using Himalayan crystal salt is one of the most effective ways to fight off respiratory infections if you want to go conventional. But of course, apart from this, one should seek proper medical aid as well. One of the easiest ways of doing this is to take steam using Himalayan salt. Halotherapy not only eases shortness of breath and coughing but also helps treat many skin problems i.e. acne and eczema.

Use in Remedies:

Another use of pink rock salt is in home-made remedies which usually grandmothers make to treat many problems. A lot of Himalayan salt home-made recipes are available that help treat many respiratory and skin problems such as:

  • Himalayan salt sole water early in the morning can boost your energy. It can maintain the electrolyte balance of the body.
  • Apart from this, you can also get steam by adding Himalayan salt in hot water. It will help in clearing your nasal cavity and remove the germs. It is a primitive way used by people living in the area around khewra salt mines which is the source of this salt.
  • You can also take a detoxifying bath by using the Himalayan salt bath. It will feel energized and rejuvenated after soaking yourself in a bath infused with pink Himalayan salt.

Himalayan salt lamps:

Himalayan salt is not only used in home-made remedies but also for decoration in the form of salt lamps. These lamps come in a wide range of sizes and styles. But they not only serve as fantastic decoration items but as relaxants as well. These lamps have intoxicating properties and purify the air around them. During the time of quarantine, you need to stay away from germs and unclean air.

So, hey! The problem is solved. Buy one of these Himalayan salt lamps and place them in your living room or your bedroom and enjoy breathing in a clean and healthy environment. These lamps detoxify the air and are quite helpful in cleaning your environment from microorganisms. Furthermore, it soothes and relaxes the people around it and strengthens an individual’s mental health.

Himalayan salt nasal cleaning by using a Neti pot and nasal rinse:

Himalayan salt is an important product to keep nowadays and has lots of uses as well that will help you stay healthy and safe from viruses in the current pandemic of COVID-19. There are a few steps that you must adjust in your routine and ensure to perform every day.

  • Mix some Himalayan salt in a glass of water and use it for nasal cleaning. You can also use a Neti pot for this purpose.
  • Another way is to make some home-made Himalayan salt products to get relief from sinus and nasal problems. If you do not know of any home-made Himalayan salt remedies, then there is nothing to worry about as lots of recipes are available online that you can easily make with this salt for treating respiratory and skin problems. Otherwise, use a Himalayan salt neti pot or Himalayan salt inhaler for this purpose.

It is quite essential to stay healthy and take preventive measures as much as we can in the current situation where terror and disease have victimized every one of us. In such times, Himalayan salt can prove to be an effective product of nature that we can keep your surroundings clean and can also help to improve your immune system so that you can avoid infections and other allergies.

So, take care of your home and maintain a healthy quarantine. However, do not forget to seek medical care in case of any emergency. And use any medicine with a proper prescription.

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