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DIY Himalayan Salt Lamp

by Betty Gabriel
DIY Himalayan salt lamp

You may have seen an elegantly beautiful Himalayan salt lamp glowing up a place and attracting the eyeballs of people around it. These lamps are trending decoration pieces for homes, offices, restaurants, and cafes around the world. This is all due to their unique design and the benefits they offer.

Having one or more at your place can offer various amazing benefits including improving the air quality by eliminating positive ions and other airborne particles. These lamps warm up the place with their extremely gorgeous glow. You can buy these lamps from the market in various shapes and sizes. But if we tell you that you can make your own salt lamp at home using easily available supplies in no time, then what would be your reaction?

Here in this article, we will list down the complete process of how to make salt lamp at home and how it works to provide you fresh air and a relaxing ambiance.

How To Make Himalayan Salt Lamp

You can DIY salt lamp very easily by following the instructions given below. Here’s what you will need to make this lamp:

  • Himalayan rock salt chunks
  • Incandescent lightbulb with chord
  • Metal wire basket or glass jar/bowl/vessel

Process To Make A Salt Lamp

For a wire basket, you do not need to drill a hole as it may already have many holes from where you can pass the chord of the bulb. If you are using a glass jar then drill a hole for passing the chord. You can also find glass bowls already having holes in the side or bottom in the market as well.

If you have large pieces of rock salt, then break them into small chunks of salt, or you can also buy chunks of salt as well. First of all, layer the chunks of Himalayan rock salt at the bottom of the bowl or basket to avoid the direct touch of the bulb with the surface. You can also use a protective coaster or something like that to be placed in the bottom to protect the basket or bowl.

Place the bulb in the basket or bowl and push the chord from the hole. Then place the salt chunks over the bulb carefully. You can use as many chunks as you want to fill the basket to the top. Switch on the bulb and enjoy the soothing glow of this amazing lamp that you have made with your own hands.

You can also add a few drops of any essential oil you like on salt chunks to use your lamp as a diffuser and make your surroundings aromatic.

You have endless possibilities to customize these lamps by using baskets and jars of different designs and shapes. You can even use cute wire baskets to make these lamps and gift your loved ones so that they can also enjoy the warmth of these lamps. This Glass bowl or wire basket lamp with rock salt crystals enhance the visual aesthetic of the décor of your place.

DIY salt lamp

Care Tips

Keep your lamp away from humidity and clean it using a dry cloth. Do not panic if your lamp starts leaking as it is very normal. Simply, put it in a dry place and it will be normal again.

Right Bulb

The bulb is an important part of the salt lamp. You need to choose the right bulb for your Himalayan salt lamp. You need a bulb that produces enough heat for the lamp to work effectively. For that, incandescent bulbs are the right choice for the lamp. Lamps require low voltage bulbs mainly ranging from 15 watts to 40 watts, depending on the size of the lamp. The bulb should produce enough heat to warm up the lamp by burning it down.

If you are making medium sizes single-piece lamp, the 15 watts bulb would be sufficient. But if you are using chunks to make the lamp then the bulb voltage would depend on the number and size of the chunks and basket.

How It Works

When the Himalayan salt lamp gets warm, has the ability to attract water molecules trapped in the air towards it. These water molecules do not come alone but also take pollutants, dust particles, pollens, and odor-producing bacteria along with them. Due to the heat of the lamp, the water gets evaporated but all the other particles remain stick to the surface of the lamp. 

In the case of your homemade salt lamp, the chunks work the same way as the single-piece lamp. During this whole process, all the air-borne particles get removed from the air leaving behind a fresh and clean atmosphere. This is how it acts as a natural air purifier. You can place this lamp anywhere in your home and enjoy its warm glow and benefits.

Now after knowing how to make rock salt lamp, you should not waste your time making it. These lamps worth your time and effort.

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