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How to Use Himalayan Salt for Cooking?

by Betty Gabriel
Best salt for steak

Just like table salt, pink Himalayan salt is used for seasoning everyday meals. It is a better choice for daily consumption than regular table salt because of its unprocessed nature and mineral content. It can be used for seasoning and finishing various foods which we will discuss further in this article. But before that let’s see what Himalayan salt is.

For people who don’t know what Himalayan Salt is?

It is a light pink-colored salt used for seasoning different types of dishes. Its mineral content is usually higher than regular salt. Its crystal size is bigger than table salt and it also has beautiful pink color due to which it can be put in grinders and used as finishing salt. It is obtained from salt mines in Pakistan and also known as Pakistan salt. So if you want to use less salt and get more of the taste, Himalayan salt is one of the best options. It will surely enhance the flavor of your meals.

Here are some of the top recipes in which you can use Himalayan salt and be the daredevil of the kitchen:


You can not only add Himalayan salt to your dishes but also can cook them on Himalayan salt blocks. Where Himalayan salt block seems so hard to cook with but actually it is not, the dishes made on it are utterly unique.

Sizzling steaks on Himalayan salt cooking blocks are to die for, and they are one of the most trending dishes right now. You don’t need to put extra salt on your steak but if you still feel the need for salt then add Himalayan salt as it is the best salt for steak.

You’ll have to follow some tips to get a perfect steak while using Himalayan salt block for cooking.

⦁      Pre Heating your slab is essential gradually at different temperatures.

⦁      Keep the temperature of the slab on track.

⦁      Don’t let the meat stay on the slab for longer than it should be. Keep on checking the temperature so that your meat does not get overcooked.


 Cooking fish on Himalayan salt blocks can be a little tricky, but it will be one of the best fishes you have ever tried. And the experience of cooking is always unique.

Salmon grilled and served on a Himalayan salt block is at the peak of every restaurant menu nowadays. While cooking at home, use lemons, kiwi, mango, and papaya and ravish the whole dish.

Salt can also be used to preserve and cure fish and meat. Salting fish preservation can protect the food from spoiling for months. 


Don’t you worry if you are a vegetarian because you can still experience this creative cooking method?

Cooking vegetables on the Himalayan rock salt block has been really in these days, nothing competes with some hot grilled veggies sauteed and served on a hot salt block.

You would definitely want to try grilling veggies at home because they are so damn tasty, delicious, and filled with natural saltiness and minerals. And if you are diet conscious, then the best choice is the pink Himalayan salt block, packed with minerals and nutrients perfect for any vegetable recipe.

If you want your children to devour the food thoroughly you are preparing for them and that food also contains healthy nutrients and minerals, then try out these innovative recipes on salt blocks and create magic with tempting and yummy meals on our dining table!

Seasoning Salt for Fries

If you are a fan of French fries and like them to be subtly salty, then Himalayan salt is the best for you. Sprinkle fine Himalayan seasoning salt from the shaker directly on your fries and enjoy the crispy salty fries.

If you want your fries a little bit spicy and more flavorsome, then you can make a spice mix for them. Mix garlic powder, Himalayan pink salt, fennel seeds, and red chili powder.

Salt for salad

Many options in the market consist of processed food. We have to choose the food that best suits our taste buds level, and that is also not bland. Himalayan pink salt enhances the taste. Here is a quick recipe:

⦁       75g of vegetables (such as broccoli, carrot, cabbage, cucumber, tomatoes, peas)

⦁      Apple

⦁      Boneless Chicken

⦁      Himalayan Pink Salt

⦁      Half teaspoon of Black pepper (according to taste)

⦁      Mayonnaise

Cut all vegetables you like to add to your salad in small cube-shaped pieces. Take a non-stick pan and add one teaspoon of oil, add vegetables and soothe them for one minute. After one minute, turn off the flame and put it in a bowl. Cut an apple and mix it with vegetables. Boil chicken for 30 minutes and add it to your bowl. For dressing salad, add a nutritious Himalayan pink salt block, black pepper, and mayonnaise according to your taste. Your nutritious salad is ready.


You can also make your juices more healthy and delicious with nutritious Himalayan salt. Let’s find out how!

Many packed juices are filled with sugar, and some people don’t like to drink sugary beverages. Then what to make for them. The trick is simple; add a pinch of the fine pink Himalayan salt in juices such as orange and carrot juice, sugarcane juice, lemon juice, and mint margarita. Ingredients for mint margarita are:

  • Himalayan pink salt 
  • Fresh mint leaves 
  • Water 
  • Sugar
  • Ice Cubes
  • Lemon juice

Add ice cubes, fresh mint leaves, Himalayan pink salt, water, lemon juice, and sugar in a blender. Blend it well. Pour it into a beautiful glass. And serve it with a lemon wedge on the glass rim.


A lot of people prefer smoothies over juices because of more fiber. In fact for weight loss, the replacement of proper meals with smoothies is considered beneficial. Smoothies are made by blending fruits and vegetables with milk, yogurt, or water. To enhance the flavor and cut the extra sweetness, a pinch of Himalayan salt can be sprinkled on the smoothie. It will give an extra kick of flavor to your smoothie.


 Who is not a fan of South Asian curries? Of course, we all are. Not only curry but delicious and spicy chutneys. Being a fan of spicy food, we should add nutritious and mineral-rich Himalayan pink salt to the spice mixtures, making them nutritious and tasty.

Himalayan pink salt is better than table salt; it balances the pH level. It is said to contain more minerals and nutrients than regular salt. It makes our tasteless dishes filled with flavors and our food presentations enticing and attractive.

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