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Himalayan Salt Candle Holders – Uses, Benefits, and Care Tips

by Betty Gabriel
Himalayan Salt Candle Holders

Ambiance matters.  Don’t you think so? Consider a day full of workload and imagine what excites you the most to reach home. The cozy warm atmosphere of your room with flickering candle flame? Of course, it’s a very good idea. Candles with their cheering nature have the power to let you feel relaxed and comfortable. But, what if they released fumes that make you feel more enthusiastic? 

Himalayan salt candle holders symbolize beauty and health benefits altogether. But, how? Candles when burned diffuse smoke in the air- as a by-product of combustion. Contrastingly, when candles placed on beautifully crafted Himalayan pink salt candle holders burn they release minerals. You can relate it to the salt aromatherapy often suggested for asthmatic patients. This is one of the many benefits of enhancing your room decor with salt candle holders by elevating health, to know more read this blog.

This blog is all about discussing the wonders of Himalayan salts as a decorative addition to your living area. Let’s kick off the discussion:

What are Himalayan Salt Candle Holders?

As the name implies, they are small candle holders made of Himalayan pink salt. It would not be wrong to relate these masterpieces with the cute small salt lamps. Similar to lamps they create a warm glow in the surroundings. The only difference is you don’t need to fit a bulb it in, as in the case of the lamp, to get the desired alluring radiance. Rather, it’s a creative piece of artistry that asks you to put your burning candles on the holders to feel endless pleasure. That’s the whole story of Himalayan salt candle holders.

How to Use a Himalayan Salt Candle Holder?

The best thing about the use of Himalayan salt candle holders is you can use them the way you want. Yes, it’s quite easy to uplift your mood with the elegance of the candlelight anywhere, anytime. You can take its benefits by turning your room lights off or making your dinners super exciting in dim candle lights. Its use is safe; in fact, it’s beneficial for your overall well-being. You can make it a part of your clinics, professional training center, fancy restaurants, and guest area. On walls or at the center of the table, it burns to diffuse minerals in the air- known to combat many respiratory diseases.

Himalayan Salt Crystals Candle Holder Benefit:

You might have thought for a second about the benefits a small Himalayan pink salt candle holder can bring to your life. Each candle holder is fully packaged with tons of benefits, though a few of them are listed below:

1. Detoxify The Air: 

Whether you are living in rural or urban areas, pollution is everywhere. What should one do to stay healthy without being heavy on the pocket? The one-liner answer to this question is ‘crystal rock salt candle holder’. These small holders are easy to place where required and on combustion, it instantly starts to detoxify the air. It’s best to place it on your dining table so it can diffuse its goodness directly in the form of fumes to make it super scrumptious.

There is a science behind the use of Himalayan salt candle holder air detoxifying benefits. Well, the small crystals absorb humidity from the environment and bind the dust, allergens, and other pollutants with them. This way, they leave behind a clean, quality air worth taking in.

2: Treat Respiratory Diseases: 

Most respiratory diseases start when atmospheric allergens trigger allergic reactions. At their very preliminary stages, the healthy use of Himalayan salt candle holders can eliminate the chance of occurrence of any unfortunate circumstances. 

The human body has a wellness mechanism to naturally combat or filter pollutants, ensuring good health. The cilia, also called the short hairs in the nasal cavity, trap the pollutants from the air. However, salt candle holders help you achieve the same thing by trapping the pollutants in the salt crystals.

3. Improve Sleep:

If you get arrested for insomnia or any other sleeping problem, the Himalayan pink salt candle holder is also for you. The stress-releasing and nerves-satisfying warmth glow of candles placed on these holders helps you acquire the glow you lost. 

4: Balance the Positive Ions:

We all heard that excess of everything is bad at some point in our lives. The same is true for positive ions that surround us due to the excessive use of electronic gadgets. But, you must not only solve the problem, finding a solution is also worth it. Himalayan salt candle holders enlighten rooms as well as balance the positive ions by producing negative ones, resulting in a healthier environment and a healthier you.

The Simplest Way to Himalayan Salt Candle Holder Care: 

We now know that Himalayan pink salt candle holders are beneficial for our health, but they demand something in return as well. Yes, only a bit of care and a bit of attention. But, how? Follow a few simple tips:

  1. Keep your candle holders away from inflammable material to prevent it’s burning.
  2. The wax in candles or paraffin often makes these holders appear white. If anything like this happens, don’t worry you can wipe it off by cleaning with a cloth.
  3. If your salt holders appear to fall apart, you can leave them moist for at least one day. 
  4. To make them appealing good for longer, the best advice is not to place such holders in too dry and moist areas. Moderate humidity is the best external factor to enhance the shelf life of such candle holders.

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