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Himalayan Salt Block Cooking Benefits, Uses, and Tips

by Betty Gabriel
Himalayan salt block benefits

If you are a risk-taker who is not afraid of trying out new things and love to experiment with unique ideas in your cooking, this article is perfect for you.The rustic looking, pink slabs of Himalayan salt having hues of orange aren’t just an innovative way to be implemented in your cooking. These blocks are pieces of miracle pink salt gifted to mankind by nature.

 If you are unaware of the benefits of the Himalayan salt or are wondering how can salt be immensely beneficial for human health, keep reading to know all about it.

What Are Himalayan Salt Blocks?

A large salt slab which is made up from the world’s purest salt, the pink Himalayan salt, is called Himalayan salt block or Himalayan salt plate. This rock salt is excavated from the salt mines located at the foothills of the Himalayan mountain ranges in the Punjab, province of Pakistan. It is called the purest salt as it is unrefined, unprocessed and does not contain any additives.

 The Himalayan salt is very similar to table salt chemically but is packed with as many as 84 trace minerals which are extremely beneficial for human health. When you use this rock salt for cooking, all these minerals get transferred to the food. These trace minerals are also responsible for the beautiful pink and orange shades of the Himalayan salt.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Eating Himalayan Salt?

Himalayan salt is a rich source of minerals. This miracle salt not only contains sodium and chloride but also contains many beneficial trace elements like iron, potassium, magnesium, and calcium. All these minerals and elements are vital for the proper functioning of the organs.

 It not only adds and enhances flavors of your food but provides 80+ minerals to your body which are very essential for the body. This salt regulates blood pressure, muscle, and nerve functioning and other cognitive and cardiovascular activities.

Himalayan salt block benefits

Why Use Himalayan Salt blocks For Cooking?

Himalayan salt blocks are one of the best cooking and serving surfaces. They are easy to use and maintain and do not cost much either. If you get hold of Himalayan salt blocks before the next dinner at your place, you are sure to delight your guests and take them by surprise.

The salt blocks are a great replacement for the cast-iron pan, in fact even better. When the food is cooked on the salt block, the saltiness seeps into the food giving it a unique flavor.

By now you must be wondering that apart from the appearance what is so special about these salt blocks. Keep reading to know the Himalayan salt block cooking benefits.

  1. An ideal platter for cooking would be the one which is able to hold a high temperature for a longer period of time. Himalayan salt blocks have a crystal lattice having a high specific energy. This enables it to hold high temperatures for a longer time.
  2. The salt blocks are almost non-porous. This ensures that no moisture is trapped inside the salt blocks which again is a quality required in a cooking block.
  3. This salt block has a melting point as high as 800.8 degree Celsius. This makes it un-melt able.
  4. The structure and shape of these salt blocks ensure that the food comes in minimal contact with it. This means that you do not have to worry much about salty food.
  5. The Himalayan salt is known to contain 84 trace minerals. These trace minerals get infused in the food while cooking and reach inside the human body. They are extremely beneficial for the proper functioning of human body organs. It is a double benefit. The salty flavor packed full of health benefits.

Ideas In The Kitchen:

There are a number of ways to use salt blocks in the kitchen. Just imagine using the Himalayan salt slabs for cooking the food, for serving the food and for decorating the place as well. You can plan a Himalayan salt theme with this.

But before you jump off to stocking up on these salt blocks, you need to know some tips for using the Himalayan salt blocks for cooking.


Tempering is the first treatment you give to your salt block. It ensures your salt slab’s longevity and durability. It is a very simple method that involves slow heating of the slab. Place your salt slab in the oven at the lowest temperature. Keep increasing 50 degrees of temperature after every 30minutes until the mark hits 500 degrees. Now let your salt block cool on its own. It is now ready to be used.


You can heat the salt slabs for cooking or for serving. There are three ways to do so

  • In the oven
  • On the stove
  • On the grill

It is a simple step but needs constant monitoring. Place your salt slab on the lowest temperature and slowly increase the temperature. Make sure you let the salt block reach the mentioned temperature before increasing it. The salt block retains its temperature for quite long so handle carefully.

The two ways of using the heated salt slab are:

1. Cooking:

Cooking on a salt slab can be a very different experience. You can grill, sauté, and cook food on these slabs. Since the slab can hold on the high temperature for a longer period of time, you can use the slab for several hours. You can even heat the slab and place it on your patio for live cooking at parties.

The best food choices for cooking on these slabs are foods that get cooked quickly e.g. fish, vegetables, lean meats, and eggs.

Ensure your slab is of the right temperature. You do not want to serve an undercooked or overcooked food to your guests.

Be careful with too much moist or oily foods. Oil and moisture can seep into the cracks of the salt blocks which may damage them.

2. Serving:

You can use Himalayan salt blocks to serve your food. A heated slab will keep the food warm for quite some time which is what you need at an outdoor party.

Himalayan salt block recipes:

There are many recipes available online to give you an idea about recipes of cooking on Himalayan salt blocks. You can cook a steak on the salt block.

Himalayan salt blocks are bounties of nature. Just a little care in cleaning and handling can ensure their longevity. Buy them before the next party at your place.


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