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Himalayan Pink Salt For Weight Loss

by Betty Gabriel
himalayn salt fpr weight loss

Himalayan pink salt is probably one of the most versatile, all-natural products in today’s age. From its use in cuisine to its numerous applications for health and beauty, there seems to be no end in the ways this salt can be beneficial.

Apart from the healing benefits of Himalayan Salt, it is also good for those who are overweight. Some people swear by the claim that Himalayan salt can be used to lose some inches.

Before we get started about how to actually use the salt for weight loss, you should know more about what this salt actually is.

Himalayan Pink Salt – Nature’s Versatile Creation:

Himalayan pink salt is a rock salt that is exclusively found in the Khewra Salt Mines near the foothills of the Himalayas in the Punjab region of Pakistan. This salt is known to be extracted and distributed in its purest form without undergoing any harsh and unnecessary treatment with additives or preservatives.

This unrefined salt in all its natural goodness is said to contain the vibrational energy of the Sun and the Earth. This salt came into being when ancient oceans dried up billions of years ago.

How To Get Slimmer With Himalayan Pink Salt:

One thing to remember is that the salt alone cannot do the magic if your diet and lifestyle remain unhealthy. It may, however, help you in your weight loss journey.

1. Himalayan Sole Early Morning:

All you need is a light dose of Himalayan salt sole to start off your day. Sole (pronounced so-lay) is basically a pretty dilute solution of the salt in water.You can use a teaspoon of salt in a cup of water, or a handful in a jug. Excess of salt can be harmful to your health, so no need to go overboard!People who follow this morning sole-drinking regime claim that it reduces cravings and helps them stick to healthier food choices. Most importantly, it may help you curb your hunger for unhealthy, salty snacks.Some fitness freaks have also found out that they feel more energetic after a daily dose of the Himalayan sole, so that’s a plus if you need to work out during the day.

himalayan-pink salt for weight loss

2. Himalayan Salt Detox Baths:

What could be the better way to lose a few inches than immersing yourself in a relaxing bath after a long day? This is something that celebrities do to get themselves red carpet-ready, actually!Soaking in a Himalayan bath salt for about 30 minutes can really help your body get rid of toxins and retained water. You can add Epsom salt along to maximize the loss of excess water from your body.This is an instant way to lose a few inches. Add a few drops of essential oil if you want your bath to have a luxurious feel, and enjoy the refreshing feeling of a full-body cleanse with all-natural ingredients.

3. Himalayan Salt Wraps:

This one is especially for those who need to give an inward boost to a particularly troubling, chubby midsection. It may be applied to any body area, but the tummy is the most popular target for this method. It’s a home remedy that may bring about some changes with regular use.Known as a ‘salt sole compress wrap’, you can create it with a big elastic bandage, some Himalayan salt sole of 5% strength, and water.Simply dip your elastic bandage in lukewarm 5% sole of Himalayan pink salt. Wrap it around the area where you have excess fat.It is recommended that you leave the bandage for an hour at least. If all else is good, you’ll soon start noticing a difference in your measurements.

Let’s Do It, Then

With fad diets and harmful diet pills that falsely claim to make you lose weight, trying out an all-natural substitute for this purpose is a much better idea. All you need along with this is a balanced diet and an active lifestyle.

The very least you can do to speed up your weight loss is not going overboard with your daily calorie intake. Natural Himalayan pink salt can meanwhile give you that much-needed push toward the right direction.

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