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Hidden Benefits Of Himalayan Salt

by Betty Gabriel
himalayan salt benefits

Himalayan salt is found at the salt mines located at the foothills of Himalayan ranges in Pakistan. Himalayan salt, often referred to as the ‘Pink salt’ is a package full of benefits. In olden times people used this salt commonly for therapeutic cures. Today, this salt is again making its way into the lifestyle of people and they cannot just stop talking about the benefits of Himalayan salt.

A deeper look into the benefits of this natural salt from the Himalayas is enough to keep you wondering about Nature and its gifts to mankind.

What makes pink salt pink? Well, it is a known fact that the pink color of the Himalayan salt is because of the trace minerals present in it. These minerals are extremely beneficial in numerous ways.

Simply put, Himalayan salt can be beneficial in three ways:

  1. Oral consumption
  2. Salt bath
  3. Breathing in the salt purified air

Everyone by now is aware of the ‘good feeling’ given by using the Himalayan salt. Let us investigate the details with reasons that explain the causes of the feeling of goodness and what minerals are in Himalayan salt and how these work around the human body.

1. Detoxifies:

What can be a better option to detoxify your body of the harmful toxins than something that is completely natural? Nature promises prevention and cure without damage. Due to the benefits of pink Himalayan salt bath, it is the best for your body’s detoxification.

Salt sole is the right way to detoxify your body. A salt sole is a jug full of saturated Himalayan salt water. A teaspoon of this water early in the morning mixed in a glass of plain water is enough to get rid of all the harmful toxins, balance pH level, boost energy and maintain hydration of the body. Science explains this as;

Negative ions and trace minerals enter the body and suck out toxins from the cells which are flushed out of the body.

2. Relaxes And Alleviates Stress:

Stiff muscle? Tired body? Cramps? A Himalayan salt bath is what you need. A bathtub filled with warm water mixed with a handful of these miracle salt crystals is bliss to imagine. This salt bath not only relaxes body muscles but also rejuvenates the lost energy.

Himalayan bath salt is full of beneficial minerals. These minerals when absorbed in the human body through the bath soak play magic. They help to fight acne, lighten away scars and blemishes, help in healing the skin and make it smooth and glowing and relax tensed muscles.

Next time when you plan a bath soak, add some Himalayan salt crystals and feel the difference.

3. Speleotherapy:

It is an alternative therapy which literally means a therapy that is carried out in caves. This therapy calls for people with respiratory diseases to breathe in the natural air of the salt caves. The temperature in these caves is stable, the air is free from all the airborne pollutants and air pressure is higher than the ground level. All these factors added together make ideal conditions for people suffering from respiratory issues. The cherry on the top is this therapy being completely free from the use of any medical treatment or drugs.

Since it is not possible for everyone to access the salt mines and benefit from speleotherapy, salt inhalers are readily available in the market. They work and benefit in an equivalent manner as salt caves. With the help of these, you can get salt therapy at home.

4. Nasal Irrigation:

It is another alternative therapy that includes beneficial pink salt. This therapy is used to treat sinus problems and clear out the sinus and nasal tract.

The basic idea involves entering saline water through one nostril and flushing it out through the other. The saline water carries with it all the irritants and treats inflammations if any in the nasal tract. Since it clears out the tract of the irritants, the body gets a chance to heal by itself.

Studies show that nasal irrigation in children has alleviated the symptoms of nasal inflammation and lessen the dependency upon medicated nasal sprays.Another study  shows this therapy to be helpful in preventing common colds.

5. Air Purifier:

If you observe the air in your environment closely, you will understand the reason behind all the respiratory diseases you have been suffering from over the past many years. The air around us, particularly in busy cities, is full of pollutants. Air purifiers have hit the markets to our rescue but why go for something that is man-made when we have a natural solution. Himalayan salt lamps not only provide your place with a chic look but also help in purifying the air of all the impurities. There are so many incredible benefits of keeping these salt lamps in your home.

These salt lamps attract moisture which brings with it all the pollutants present in the air. Due to the heat of the lamp, this moisture is evaporated which releases negative ions that neutralize the pollutants and toxins in the air.

With so many hidden benefits, Himalayan salt should undoubtedly be your next buy.

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