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Everything You Need To Know About Salt Lamp Crumbling

by Betty Gabriel
Salt lamp crumbling

Himalayan salt lamps are the rage. Anyone would love to own and flaunt these unique decor pieces. Not only do these chunks of miraculous salt serve as chic décor pieces, but they also cleanse the environment.

Just in case you are not familiar with the plethora of benefits of these salt lamps, Himalayan salt lamps are chunks of salt excavated by hand from the salt mines. These salt mines are located at the foothills of the Himalayan mountain ranges in Punjab, a province of Pakistan.

Himalayan salt chunks are hygroscopic. They absorb water from the environment. Along with the water from the environment, they attract all the pollutants, pollen, dust, and dander. When these salt chunks are used as salt lamps, they not only provide an alluring, warm glow but cleanse the environment and give out a sense of mental peace and serenity.

Once you have bought a salt lamp for yourself, be prepared to face a few issues that come as a part and parcel with it. These common issues are reported by a lot of customers using the salt lamps and are nothing to worry about.

My salt lamp is crumbling:

As mentioned earlier, Himalayan salt lamps are hygroscopic. They attract and trap water molecules and pollutants from the environment. These pollutants and molecules get deposited on the salt molecules.

When the salt lamp is heated, water molecules evaporate leaving behind the impurities settled inside the salt molecules. This phenomenon is simply a matter of exchange of ions.

Moisture in the environment around the salt lamp plays a vital role in its working. If there is less or no moisture in the environment around the salt lamp, it can leave a residue on the crystalline surface of the salt lamp upon heating. Eventually, the residual part will fall off the surface of the salt lamp making it look like the salt lamp is crumbling.

The crumbling of the salt lamp is normal and occurs in low-moisture areas. You can wipe the surface of the salt lamp with a damp cloth from time to time to remove the flaky residue.

To avoid the crumbling of the salt lamp as it may compromise the longevity of the lamp, you can keep the lamp turned on during the day and turn it off at night. This will maintain the balance of moisture in the lamp and it will not crumble.

Why is my salt lamp turning white?

This issue is related to the crumbling of the salt lamp. The residue left on the surface of the salt lamp may look flaky and dry. It is mostly white in color. When a lot of residue gets accumulated on the crystalline surface of the lamp, you may feel that your lamp is losing its original color and turning white.

Why is my salt lamp leaking water?

If you find your salt lamp getting wet or leaking water, do not panic. In the case of high moisture areas, the salt lamp cannot evaporate the absorbed water molecules completely. The remaining, trapped water molecules are released from the surface of the salt lamp. This makes it look like the salt lamp is wet or weeping.

To avoid excessive leaking of the salt lamp as it may damage the lamp and the surface it is placed at, keep the salt lamp turned on at all times. This will generate heat and let the excess moisture evaporate.

Avoid placing your salt lamps in areas that are high in moisture, for example, kitchen, laundry, and bathroom.

Side effects of Himalayan salt lamps:

Himalayan salt lamps come with some side effects. If you intended to buy a salt lamp to amp up your home decor, you are in for a surprise. The positive side effects of these lamps are:

  • According to the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, inhaling pollen on a regular basis has been linked to a number of health issues. Placing Himalayan salt lamps can help in cleansing the environment and alleviate the chances of developing any such health issues.
  • Himalayan salt lamps are a great weapon to fight asthma and other respiratory ailments. It works exactly on the principles of salt therapy and is very beneficial.
  • Himalayan salt lamps release negative ions in the air. These negative ions cancel out the effects of the positive ions present in the air. Surprisingly, in this case, the positive ions are bad and the negative ones are good. Negative ions relieve stress, reduce anxiety and help with sleeplessness.

Dangers of the salt lamp:

There are some dangers associated with placing the Himalayan salt lamps around your house. The good thing is that these issues can be easily tackled.

  • Vets have issued a warning for Himalayan salt lamp owners having pets such as cats. If the salt lamps are easily accessible by the pets, they can get salt overdose which can lead to serious repercussions.
  • Pets and babies can get harmed by huge salt lamps as they are heavy and can easily land on the ground.
  • If the salt lamp is leaking, this can be dangerous for the bulb fixed inside it. Water can cause the bulb to produce sparks.
  • Excessive leaking of the salt lamp can damage the furniture beneath it.

Is my salt lamp real?

The downside of any product that gets hit in the markets is that its fake counterparts start swarming the markets. With the increasing number of fraudulent ready to rip people off their money by giving fake products, you might be wondering if your salt lamp is real?

Do not worry, just look for the following signs to make sure you have the real Himalayan salt lamp.

1. It is best to buy your salt lamp from a trusted source. If you are buying it online, check the reviews posted by other customers and make sure that the supplier is trusted. Do your homework!

2. If you do not feel any change in the environment of your house after using the lamp for quite some time, chances are that your salt lamp is fake.

3. If your salt lamp doesn’t turn white, crumble or weep, it is not real.

Himalayan salt lamps are a must-buy for a healthy living.


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