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The Amazing Health Benefits of Black Himalayan Salt

by Betty Gabriel
Black Himalayan salt benefits

Black Himalayan Salt is normally used in cuisines and especially in Indian ones. But there is so much more to this salt, other than its use in giving a nice flavor and aroma to food. The health benefits of black Himalayan salt are unlimited and that is why you must have seen your grandma suggesting to put a pinch of black Himalayan salt on your tongue to get rid of the feeling of nausea or including it as an ingredient in some other recipes intended to cure a cough or some sinus problem. 

The Black Himalayan salt is full of many types of minerals and nutrients  which earned it an important place in our kitchens. Let’s find out more about this amazing salt in this article.


Are you wondering what gives this salt a black color? Let us have a look at the black salt composition to find an answer to this question. The Black Himalayan salt is extracted from the Khewra salt mines at the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains. It is picked from the ancient rocks that are found in those mountains and is mostly used in Pakistan, India, Nepal, and Bangladesh for a variety of purposes. 

We all know that the Himalayan salt is basically pink in color due to the presence of iron components in it. Then how does it get this black color?

The pink salt undergoes a series of steps to be transformed into this black form in which charcoal and some herbs are mixed and placed inside a furnace for about a day. After the salt is heated enough, it is cooled and that is how it gets a purplish-black color with a pungent smell. Basically, the black salt composition comprises sodium sulfate, sodium chloride, iron sulfide, sodium sulfide, hydrogen sulfide, and sodium bisulfite.

Black Himalayan Salt Health Benefits:

The uses of black Himalayan salt are many and one of them is to use it for improving health and curing certain infections and diseases. The black Himalayan salt health benefits are vast and although no proper scientific research has been conducted on it, there is no doubt in the fact that it is a very useful salt and has lots of skin, hair, and health benefits.  

Let us have a look at some of the most essential health benefits of black Himalayan salt.

1- Cures Digestion Problems:

Black Himalayan salt is used to make home-made pills intended to treat digestive problems. It is an essential component of the recipe of these digestive pills and is very effective for treating stomach disorders i.e. constipation and stomach gas.

2- Treats the Disorders of Joints:

It’s time to say goodbye to stiff joints! If you are facing pain and stiffness in muscles and joints, then use black Himalayan salt to get rid of them. There is a special recipe that is used for this purpose and it can be prepared very easily. 

Just take a cloth, add some amount of black salt in it and tie it to make a poultice. After you have formed a poultice out of salt and cloth, dry heat it in a pan but make sure that it does not get burnt. Use this poultice to place lightly over the area that is affected and press a bit. Reheat the poultice and press again. You can do this twice a day for better results.

3- Helps in Reducing Weight:

It doesn’t hurt to lose some extra pounds. Does it? Replacing black salt with table salt in your diet will help you  lose weight and get rid of that extra fat on your body. Black salt for weight loss is quite commonly used as it has certain properties which make it a good item for helping in weight reduction. It has the ability to disintegrate and dissolve lipids and enzymes which are the cause of obesity, therefore reducing weight up to a considerable level.

4-Treats Sinus and Nasal Problems:

Sinus and nasal problems are quite common and getting a cold always leads to cough, flu or other respiratory problems. People don’t even take medicines for such ailments but it doesn’t change the fact that these infections are quite frustrating and problematic. The uses of black Himalayan salt in this regard are also unlimited and magical. The black Himalayan salt health benefits range from the treatment of a sore throat to a clogged nose. 

It is strongly recommended to use black salt for any type of respiratory disorder that you are facing and you will be amazed to see the results. All you have to do is put some black Himalayan salt in an inhaler and use it twice a day to get rid of sinus and nasal allergies or simply a seasonal cold.

Some Notable Differences between Pink and Black Himalayan Salt:

Although the word Himalayan is usually associated with the pink color of salt due to a considerable amount of iron element in it. Yet, it is also a fact that black Himalayan salt also exists and the  benefits of rock salt make it quite useful.

Black salt Vs. Pink salt! What are the differences between black salt and pink salt? How are they different from each other when both are extracted from the same salt mines?

Though the black salt formula is the same as that of Himalayan salt which is NaCl still there are many notable differences between these two salts and the first one is their appearance as pink Himalayan salt has subtle hues of pink and orange in it and black salt is black or somewhat greyish in color. Then there is also the difference in composition as black salt is mainly comprised of charcoal and herbs whereas pink salt is composed of 84 trace minerals and elements.

Although the black  Himalayan salt benefits, are unlimited and quite magical yet anything if consumed in excess can prove to be harmful. Therefore, an appropriate amount of this salt should be consumed otherwise it may cause some problems like hypertension due to excess intake of sodium. Use it wisely and get benefit from the amazing black Himalayan salt health benefits to stay healthy and fit.


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